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October 2005

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Serendipity - October 2005 Issue

Living on Many Dimensions

LIVE ON MANY dimensions but I pay attention to this level of consciousness - one dimension at a time - and I am myself and have fun!

While it is true I live on an infinite number of dimensions at one time, my primary interest is in living on this level of consciousness with all my heart, soul and being.

Every dimension of consciousness shines forth from the one. It is reasonable to consider that as I am the allness, the oneness, the is, I live in an unimaginable existence and am certainly unlimited.

Just as my wealth provides, I have many homes in many lands, I have many sites for existence. For the fun of it I decorate each home differently, I have a family in each home, and I choose allegiance in different lands to different governments. Always I am me being myself and having fun. At all times I live in each site or dimension with completeness. If I were to say to myself of each locale that this is my full existence, I would be fooling myself and I would fully accept this rational irrationality. It is most normal. For none in any other dimension know of me in their dimension, or in a different level of consciousness, in an additional milieu, locale or site.

Looking at this from my moral interpretation, living by the standards of a Christian background or what is legal in any one country, I might be at odds with myself. In some cultures it is permissible to have many families, to have many wives or husbands, and all societies allow for many homes. Thinking this through I find it quite tolerable. It is not as unreasonable at it at first appeared.

Thinking through a physical brain, a human consciousness, I find this possible and I can visualize myself in each role.

Living on many dimensions is not only feasible; it is being done all of the time by unlimited millions of the billions of people living on Earth. Perhaps not in all ramifications of being dimensionful, but certainly the home, family, spouse, government aspect - all individually - and hence why not subjectively in every area.

Think for a moment of the rain drops, or drops of water, all out of the universal H2O. Each drop has in it the same constitution each other drop has in it. In the chemical constitution of the known universe the drop of water is always H2O. Thinking of water as water, we think of its universality in our universe. This is our known essence.

If our universe has its constitution and is complete in itself: What if the time-space compendium outside of our known universe is different? It is conceivable. Say the allness I conceive in this dimension is not the allness at all, and another allness and isness exist with different paradigms, with different responses to one another and their universe that in my finite presumption have not yet visualized.

I believe that whatever my mind can dream up, whatever my thinking can account for in its wildest possibility, these things, attitudes and illusions already exist and await my perception of them. From this paradigm come the science fiction tales, the dreams current scientists have as they conjure their theories and "facts" which all are in a constant state of change, revision and denial.

These dreamers are living in an awareness on some of their dimensions. Flashes of intuition and illumination dash across the threshold of their brains and leave a speedy impression of strange and wonderful concepts to which their gifted intelligence grasps and reveals from their inner storehouse of knowledge, wisdom and genius.

How interesting it is that I willingly take the machinations, the illusions and the intuition of a scientist that their fantasies are true and valid but I shy away from such flight of the imagination for my own creation.

I enjoy living on many dimensions at one time purposefully. I proclaim that I am living on many levels of thinking consciousness now and am fully aware of each one - and am not surprised at their vagary. It is most natural, most normal, most challenging and most exciting.

The more that I quietly attune to the infinite within me the more I tune into the various dimensions of my beingness. The divine in me is so vast and impressive it boggles the mind.

I love to play with the concept of many dimensions and that I am living on them all now. It makes me feel that I am the creative cause right now creating out of my infinite substance of nothingness the allness which at any time recycles into its opposite. Just as science has found out - revealed - the atom is energy constantly phasing in and out of existence. The atom is constantly expressing itself as allness and nothingness, as substance and substanceless. To normal scientific expression an impossible thing to do, yet atomic scientists have observed it taking place, much to their chagrin.

The universe as we know it is on the threshold of a new dimension of understanding. From the staple of humanness, physical observations and intellectual acuity, the universe is now exploding with concepts only revealed in the thinking of absolute thinkers. Any other type of thinking is too small. It does not begin to encompass the magic of allness.

Absolute term and expression encompasses the possibility of infinity, the illumination of an unlimited awareness bounded only by the imagination, intuition, inspiration of an unbounded thinker. Truly there are an astonishingly large number of people who think in the terms of Absolute. The language of absolute is only now emerging into the public mainstream, but now it comes as a gentle soaking rain - soon it will be a downpour and ultimately an inundation which completely enfolds all.

The University of Healing has led the way to this type of thinking. God Unlimited has spawned the University of Philosophy whose main forte is Absolute. This positive unquestionable ultimate definition of Absolute is the foundation of the teaching of the University of Philosophy.

In the GIST the entire textbook from the University of Philosophy, Relative/Absolute, the graduate course of the UNI, has been published. There are three levels to the University of Philosophy: the undergraduate college of the Relative; the graduate college Relative/Absolute; and postgraduate college Absolute.

Students matriculating in the University of Philosophy reach mind boggling heights of illumination and awareness. They vie with allness.

These students leave behind the relative concepts and live in the awareness of the isness and allness and enjoy a life of feeling all is in divine order while liking themselves. UP students have the sense of living on many dimensions at one time and do so with competence and ease. The facility they know allows them to know they are master of themselves and of their universe.

Living on many dimensions is not fanciful. It is real. We all do it all of the time we are just not aware of it. Join the modern day spiritual masters who live in this awareness as selfdisciplined untouched beings.

It is not only possible to live on many dimensions at once, it is being done by millions who recognize they are the allness, the oneness, the isness now.

 —Dr Herbert L Beierle