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October 2005

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I Choose What I See


Practitioner Letter - October 2005 Issue

I Choose What I See

I was driving with friends through a lovely scenic landscape in California. I am dreamingly engrossed in the beauty I see and let it imprint moment by moment in my consciousness. I am oblivious to the chatter in the car. After a while I slip out of my dream and become aware of the conversation in the car again. The driver excitedly asks me if I had seen the house on fire next to the highway a few moments ago. "No," I say surprised, "I had not noticed anything." In disbelief my friends look at me, startled that I should not have been aware of something so obvious and dramatic so close by.

It makes me think too! Why did I close my attention from the outer while something dramatic happened? Because it was not in my consciousness, I conclude. Yes, of course you are right, if it truly were not in my consciousness, my friends would not have asked me the question! But unless they had, I would not have learned a lesson so powerfully and fast: That if I do not see something, it does not happen by chance. What I am aware of is in my attention - my consciousness - first.

Sometimes when I talk to friends on the phone empowering a solution in their life, they too tell me that they cannot close their eyes before a fact that is happening in their world-and by doing that they give attention to the very thing they want to release from their consciousness.

I have a spiritual healing when a condition is totally released from my consciousness, when I, as in the car, am so engrossed in the landscape of my inner beauty, that this is all I know and the world around me does not remember any limitation either because if it is not in my consciousness it has no life of its own.

—Dr Sylvia M Enz