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November/December 2005

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Participants of the October Master Seminar helping in the Monastery kitchen

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The 30th Anniversary Celebration

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Serendipity - November/December 2005 Issue

THE 30TH ANNIVERSARY celebration on campus and the seminars were all a marvelous success. More on this later.

On Learning Obedience

The 30th Anniversary Celebration

I HAVE A GOLDEN Retriever Rex who will be two December 4th.

Rex is a very obedient dog. He is a pleasure to have with me. Last night after dinner and the Bewitched movie, I had him on the leash to go to the Hermitage from the Monastery. It was a black evening. The entrance lights shown on the front lawn and there was one lone rabbit dining on our lawn. Rex and I walked out the door and the rabbit was undisturbed. I closed the door and we walked past the rabbit and in an instant it took off - so did Rex. He pulled free and was on the glorious chase in the darkness of the night. I called and searched. Finally Ellen came out with her two pups a mini pin Little Love and a mini Schnauzer Button. She realized I was searching for Rex so she took her mutts back into the Monastery. With the Ranger pickup truck she went in search of Rex who dearly loves the pickup truck and a ride anytime. I took a golf cart and searched the grounds. Ellen found him right-off. He was at the edge of the Paradise Garden in a overgrown Mulberry bush closely interwoven with Choia cactus. I was dressed in my robe and attempted to move into the bush, thinking Rex’s leash might be caught and he was unable to get lose. No such luck. His leash trailed him like a joyful string bouncing and jumping along in the merriment of whatever he was looking for in the bushes. Finally our horse-whisperer Anita appeared out of the black night. She went to Rex and whispered into his ear the sweet nothings dogs love to hear. In a moment my 98-pound-baby was in her arms and she brought him to me holding his leash. It was an amusing game but quite improper. Rex is my dog. I must be able to depend on him that he will come when I call him. He does it well but not perfectly. When he does it perfectly I will be able to feel confident with him in traffic situations and other times when it might be undesirable to have him run free. When I was a little boy my parents taught me to behave so I would be socially acceptable. I taught my son Mark to behave so he would be socially acceptable and he learned best from my example as a role model. We each have this lesson to learn, how to be socially acceptable in a world in which we want to live. It is a neverending story.

Seminars and Off To London and Europe

HERE ARE SOME of my thoughts on the past events and what is coming up for me in London and Europe for November.

The seminar and celebration of our 30th anniversary are history. Next week I fly to London and Europe for more seminars.

Time was, not so long ago, that when a gala celebration was held there would be telegrams and a variety of messages of love and blessings for the event on hand. But times have changed, in preparation for our 30th University of Healing Anniversary we received tons of telephone calls, letters and Emails giving us love and delight in our expansion and longevity.

It is so wonderful!

The July and October celebrations each had a flavor of their own.

Now as I settle down to prepare for my November jaunt around the world I do so with an eternal attitude of love and joy.

Tentative plans as of this writing:

I fly to London Thursday, November 3rd for several days of seminars sponsored by our student Rev Ugwuegbu Christy and her niece UNI student Chioma Akunnaya Agogbua. On November 7th I will either fly or take the Eurostar channel tunnel between Great Britain and France and on to Bern to meet with Rev Rösli In-Albon and Rev Edith Strebel to give a day and evening seminar there. On November 9th I head for Basel as Rev Monica Egli plans seminars there. I will visit Rev Adriane Meyer-Bessant and her ageless mother Ellinor. On Friday, November 11th I head for Zurich-Maur for a weekend seminar with Rev Dr Stefan Strässle. I will stay at the home of our European representative Rev Gertrud Suter in Ebmatingen. Monday, November 14th I will be in Ticino-Lugano sharing with the Arnoldi and Jermini families. Tues-day, November 15th I return to Zurich and then Wednesday on to Frankfurt to visit with Rev Karin Houssine and her timeless mother Frieda Zimmer whose continual statement is "I am whole and perfect" and Karin’s son Karim (Leonard Zimmer) and his family. Friday, November 18th I fly home.

30th Celebration

THE FALL OF 1948 the concept of the University of Healing was born. On October 15, 1975 God Unlimited/ University of Healing incorporated in California as a nonprofit California religious educational charitable corporation and is registered under the Califor-nia Education Code under secondary schools, serving as correspondence colleges around the world.

A dual celebration of our 30th year of incorporation was held on the campus of the University of Healing in July and October 2005 to facilitate the attendance of students in summer and fall.

Taking off was a School of the Master six-day seminar called a Way Into The Present and graduation and ordination ceremonies for students having completed the course work of the UNI in time for this gala celebration. A glorious downpour baptized the ceremonies under the UNI Pavilion at the swimming pool as the degree candidates and ordinands prepared for the commemoration by donning their robes. As the swimming pool overflowed with heavenly raindrops, the honored guests and candidates were in awe of nature’s annunciation of the event.

On October 15th a School of the Master seminar entitled Living In The Now was held on campus with a graduation and ordination ceremony preceding the seminar. Following the outstanding colloquium with its special features, a gala celebration recognizing our 30th year of incorporation was held on campus. Once again, surprising everyone, Mother Nature poured out her liquid sunshine over the outdoor assemblage and all quickly moved into the Monastery a half mile away. Absent from the crystalline liquid diamonds flowing out of the miracle of the universe and the glorious wind announcing each gem’s presence, the program continued.

A lovely flute solo by Rev Dr Anita Lopp of New Zealand brought all attention indoors. A guitar fun presentation was made by Rev Dr Irene Merkle of Switzerland. Rev Dr Ellen Jermini, chairman of the board, led the festivities and introduced the participants. Each of the guests representing their family and friends spoke harmoniously about what the UNI meant to them. Rev Dr Stefan Strässle of Switz-erland led the group in a remarkable experience of laughter. Rev Dr Irene Merkle, Rev Doris Dodo Steiger and Rev Dr Roland E Edwards provided a stimulating costumed metaphysical dance our of Switzerland, Hawaii, Brooklyn, Panama and Florida.

Following a fun-filled three-hour-program the group adjourned to the Embassy where a catered dinner charmed every taste delight. From 2:30 to 10 pm the party went on. The guests and friends were so enchanted with the healing vibrations of the campus, with the perfect 104 acres of magical awareness, all wanted to tour the campus and see everything. Because of the downpour a rain-check was given to those who did not get the tour of the campus grounds.

Monks On Hand

CAMPUS MONKS attending, serving and participating in the events were: Rev Dr Ingeborg Puchert, Rev Dr Sylvia M Enz, Rev Dr Ellen Jermini, Rev Dr Herbert L Beierle and monks-at-large Rev Dr Anita Lopp, Rev Dr Gregor Müller, Rev Dr Stefan Strässle, Rev Dr Irene Merkle, Rev Heinz Oertli, Rev Esther Agbodo Nyamalor, Rev Gertrud Suter, Rev Jerôme Suter, Rev Sabrina Suter, Rev Dr Sybil Emole Agogbua, Rev Christy Ugwuegbu, Rev Dorothea Ruth Zimmer-man, Rev Ingrid Van Sertima, Rev Dr Katarina Tawiri-Suter, Rev Dr Roland E Edwards, Rev Doris Dodo Steiger, Rev Angelita Venegas Salanio, Rev Dr Rhonda Joyce and Rev Alice Nasife. At the celebration were our neighbors, our optometrist, our financial counsellor and his whole family including his parents, our builder and his wife, the director of the San Diego Practitioner’s League, representing Bill Ellsworth were his grandson and his devoted neighbors, and many others.

In the agelessness of the UNI it gets better every year.

 —Dr Herbert L Beierle