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November/December 2005

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The Divine Knows What I Want


Practitioner Letter - November/December 2005 Issue

The Divine Knows What I Want

MY FRIEND BETH was enthusiastically telling me of a lecture about emotional acupressure she recently attended. "It was most amazing to watch how emotional states like fear, phobias, addictions etc., disappeared after just a short treatment. It works most of the time," she added, "but sometimes people simply did not get any results." The inventor of the method wanted to find out why that was so. He used a well known method, which tests the muscle reaction after a question has been asked. The reaction is strong if the question is harmonious and weak if the subconscious objects to it. So, as he for example asked a man who was working on his health for years and said he wanted to become well desperately, to visualize himself getting healthy, the muscles remained weak. On the other hand, when asked to visualize himself getting worse the muscles reacted strongly. It all meant that unconsciously he could not see himself getting well; the idea of being ill was his predominant attitude at this point. The therapist concluded that regardless of a sincere conscious desire, unconsciously we might resist change at the same time.

I can easily relate to emotional resistance when I think of somebody treating for wealth and having done so for years, or treating for a healthy body, and having done so for a long time. Does that mean that I surrender to the verdict of a therapist or the word of close friends who say: you really do not want it; you really do not want to change?

No, because our divine self, our whole and sound self, wants to be its original purity and integrity. No appearance of resistance can change that. So, what’s the solution? How can I circumnavigate the emotional resistance of my body, mind and emotions - simply by using an affirmation which addresses the divine, unchangeable aspect within me. The divine director in me knows exactly how to put the divine puzzle pieces into their perfect order, without me telling it how to, or to even let my emotions know about it. The less I know how it functions, the faster it works.

Right now, we use on the campus a threesome of affirmations that work miracles as they enter the divine, nonjudgmental awareness within without resistance. They are affirmations that address no specific condition, but put everything to right that needs to be righted. I make them my every moment mantra, my every moment thought, my every moment treatment - nothing else - and say it without analyzing it, without judging it.

The divine knows. So I say: I like me. I am divine order. I am peace. I like me. I am divine order. I am peace. I like me. I am divine order. I am peace. And so it is!

—Dr Sylvia M Enz