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Spring 2006

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Smiling faces at the Maur Seminar in Switzerland

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Affirming My Reality - Born With A Smile

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Serendipity - Spring 2006 Issue

Affirming My Reality - Born With A Smile

People call Dial Healing Words to affirm their reality.

HerbRev Heinz Oertli has been on campus for the past three months and his presence has left all of us with a feeling of joy and happiness. Heinz is a man born with a smile in his heart and a grin on his face. He knows the principles taught by the University of Healing and he applies them in his everyday life in most beautiful ways. Here he celebrates Rex’s second birthday.

As we were discussing how Dial Healing Words is used by people around the world and how people call in with their great desires and solutions to their life conditions, Heinz pointed out they were calling Dial Healing Words to affirm their reality.

When Heinz stated this concept all of the Monks in the Absolute Monastery listened with rapt attention. Each Monk answers the phone for our global friends for the Worldwide Healing Ministry and is always delighted how after hearing the Dial Healing Words talks on the telephone, the caller is already primed to seek out the solution for their desires. Each caller speaks with a practitioner during their telephone call and all delight-the-practitioner with their sound awareness in utilizing principle to accomplish the desires of their heart.

Each caller acknowledges their reality, affirms their expectation as being fulfilled now, claiming their awareness of the divine within them revealing the purity and goodness they so devoutly desire. Truly, this is an exciting work the Monks call the happy time of their days.

Moving from not having to having is a fabulous experience. Moving from speaking my word for and speaking my word that it is accomplished is the difference between fulfilled treatment and not. This is the place from which a practitioner works. The practitioner sees the individual already experiencing the joy of their heart, already demonstrating the blessing they had thought about - but now it is done.

The joy practitioners experience here in the Absolute Monastery, at the University of Healing is boundless. It leaves them feeling sustained and fulfilled in every area of their life. For first the practitioner sees themselves whole and perfect, fulfilled and blessed with the joy of their heart, and then the practitioner speaks for the person who is asking the Dial Healing Words for prayer treatment - and it is done!

In the Jacuzzi with god

Listening within is an exciting adventure filled with fun and with imagination. So it is for me.

I like to think I am one as god and god is one as me. I like to think that god and I as one enjoy the same things and respond to the same stimuli.

The other day I was mediating about introspection. I thought, what is it really similar to, to be one as god, what is it really like to be close to god. The more I thought about it the more I felt a warmth and oneness of the divine presence in me.

Soon my consciousness seemed as though it were all steamed-over and I could not see beyond my held-out hand. I was wrapped in a presence which I could not define. I felt comfortable. I felt cozy. I felt a goodness pervading my being. I was in a condition of joy beyond anything I had ever thought before.

Then I realized I was in my inner Jacuzzi with god. I felt the reality of my god presence so completely and so dynamically that I felt surely I would dissolve, I would disappear, I would lift off into something I had never felt before and be nothing. It was as I had often imagined bliss to be.

As I sat in the Jacuzzi as god I had no external awareness. I had no internal awareness. I felt purely the sense of allness, oneness and isness. And this sense needed no purpose. I was all.

Peacefulness settled over me. All of the things that had greeted me to accomplish were as though they never existed. I was aglow with the inner-outer presence of all and I was this inner-outer presence indefinable.

A singularity came over me as I saw swirls of color and light which flooded out from my inner self. I was each one of these dynamic colorful hues radiating as a limitless sparklingness.

Heinz reminded me of the phosphorescence of the ocean when the whale food fish are at the surface for many square miles. The flying fish leap from the water and twinkle in the iridescent light shimmering all about them. I knew I was every glittering drop of gloriously colorful water - and yet I was none of them.

I sensed to be in the allness and nothingness. It was an unsettling feeling which soon passed as the coziness of my oneness in the Jacuzzi continued to give me a sense of balance, harmony, joy and peace.

How this adventure with the divine within me ended is a mystery. Now that I have been there, going within to the inner presence is my most natural state.

Whenever the world about me seems any what chaotic I remain alert to the world and stand in my inner consciousness un-touched by the outer and shine my peace upon all in my awareness.

I gave a talk either Thought for Today, Instant Illumination or Absolute Philosopher the second week of December in which I gave the first inkling of god-me in the Jacuzzi. Surely there is more to come!

 —Dr Herbert L Beierle