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Spring 2006

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Smiling faces at the Maur Seminar in Switzerland

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Practitioner Letter
Magic Always Happen


Practitioner Letter - Spring 2006 Issue

Magic Always Happen

The University of Healing 30th Anniversary Celebration was well prepared. So many things had to be reserved long before the event. Details had to be considered, like, where are the guests to be seated, who is in charge of greeting them, who is speaking when, where do we serve refreshments, where is the evening buffet to be put up, etc. etc. The 16th of October came and everything was perfectly set-up, the tables and chairs for the evening buffet were arranged around the swimming pool, decorated with candles and white tablecloths and balloons. The pool sparkled happily in the sunshine. In the park on the plane the chairs and the lectern were ready for the afternoon program.

As the guests sat in our outdoor auditorium under a huge Live Oak tree meditatively listening to a trio of musicians playing chamber music, an eager and cool West wind started to play with our hair and moved dark clouds over the brightly shining sun. When that was not fun any more the sky opened its floodgates and it started raining.

This is when the magic happened. Within a short time everybody was comfortably seated in the Absolute Monastery. Tables for the catering were arranged inside the Embassy Cathedral. Everything fell into place and everybody did the right thing in the right moment at the right place. From a logical point of view it seemed an impossible task, but everybody simply and easily followed his divine inspiration - and all just fell into place like a magical jigsaw puzzle - and without loosing a beat the program harmoniously continued. A delightful example for my own life-to let go and let god!

—Dr Sylvia M Enz