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Summer 2006

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Meditation path of the University Of Healing with Rex.

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God's Pocket
An Absolute Viewer

Visiting The Great Physician

EJ Shares
Playing Yo-Yo With The Principle Is A NO-NO!

Practitioner Letter
Ha Ha Said The Clown


EJ Shares - Summer 2006 Issue

Playing Yo-Yo With The Principle Is A NO-NO!

EllenShould I ever face a challenge in life, it would be easy to ask myself: Why me oh Lord, why me? Certainly I could fall into the doldrums of self pity and the outcome would naturally not be satisfying - unbeneficial - negative! However, the wonderful part of my game living here on Earth is that I can and do make my choices - any choice. So I say to myself: All right, I have created this issue to challenge my belief - NO! - to fortify my belief. I have created this situation to be the master of this situation. I have created this challenge to take charge - not to play yo-yo with the principle! A synonym for the word "Lord" is principle. Principle is the executor of my thought. Principle knows neither good nor bad. Principle nonjudgmentally carries out what I set into motion through my every thought, word and action. Principle responds to my senses which reflect my thought behind my sensations. My thought is pure energy vibrating in the wave length of my happy or unhappy frame of mind. For this reason I smile, I giggle, I sing, I dance, I laugh, I have fun being me just the way I am. Should I play yo-yo with my thought, principle appears to get "confused" as to what to do. Changing my thought, my belief, from moment to moment, from positive to negative, makes impotent my energy and my thought pattern. Principle smoothly and instantly responds--always according to my belief--depending upon how I am selfdisciplined and selfdiligent for my final result. Inside of myself I am sturdy like the roots of a huge beautiful tree standing strong on my reality. My everlasting reality is my original purity and integrity. Any other appearance is a selfcreated illusion which my belief about it makes it appear real. To be a success I have my vision so strongly impacted upon my thinking that I only focus on what I want to experience. I use the University of Healing courses as a fabulous tool to assist me in being onepointed on my heart’s desire, on my illuminating spiritual journey. Christopher flew in from Florida to the Absolute Monastery. Over the months after he found us on the internet, his rewarding e-mails exchanges with Dr Beierle and the monks are deeply inspiring. He is impressed by the daily philosophical talks he hears and follows up on our website.


Christopher came to meditate on campus and spend time alone in silence, to walk the meditation paths around the 104 acres here in the high desert, but especially to take time for introspection. Christopher who studied many religions and philosophies came with an open heart applying his new motto: "I am myself and have fun!" Indeed, he had a good time and we had lots of fun during meal time where we laughed together but especially shared the importance of how applying principle beneficially. Christopher became more and more aware how his thought brings immediate effects. For instance, at his arrival he was interested in knowing what kind of wild life we enjoy here on the campus. We explained to him that we experience only that which we think about. So one early full moon morning while quietly walking along the mountain hills, HE created a coyote standing on the meditation path. The young animal stood there rather amazed about the strange visitor. Chris-topher who had never seen or faced a coyote was very surprised. He turned and ran fast. Then he stopped, laughing about his own panic. "No away," he said to himself. "I am here to practice being in charge! I AM PEACE! ALL IS IN DIVINE ORDER." The young coyote was long gone. The coyote was in Christopher’s thought and his casual but focused thought on it brought it forth. Many experiences which we discussed during our meal times became so clear not only to Christopher but once more to all of us monks here at the Absolute Monastery that thoughts are things.

—Dr Ellen Jermini