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Summer 2006

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Meditation path of the University Of Healing with Rex.

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Visiting The Great Physician

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Serendipity - Summer 2006 Issue

Visiting The Great Physician

It is time to go to the great physician to have a relaxation-job done to put my body in harmony with itself. This is my body’s purpose to exist. My body is one of my tools to express the divine me here on planet Earth.

Daily I counsel with people from all walks of life: people who are living in society and some people who are living in a cloistered seclusion. These people are most of whom society would call reasonably balanced and harmonious. These people are people who can cope with their lives and survive other people sufficiently not to kill one another.

They make up the majority of humanity. These men, women and children are those who have been taught to muddle through, taught to inhibit their natural ways and are conditioned to coexist with one another in a way mutually beneficial.

Recently I worked with one of my friends who was having just such a hair-raising brain-bursting experience and was running amuck in her world to such a degree she had to be brought back in balance chemically.

Shirley is quite a girl. When she is balanced she is a brilliant mind and a capable worker in any office or shop. Her husband knows that. He has seen what happens when she did not take the necessary physician prescribed medicine for body balance, the more she suffers chemical imbalance in her body chemistry with its instability in her body and actions.

When I like myself my body produces chemicals necessary for the healthy operation of my body. When I do not like myself I mentally "pinch" off my chemical producing organs in my body which my brain needs to be in harmony with what is best for my human form as it maintains inhabitions which allow it to normalize in society. I am naturally naked. I am naturally a free spirit. To live in society I have chosen to inhibit these natural tendencies and harmonize with others, regardless it might not seem natural. With pinched organs I need medication to keep me in check. Arnold had this problem too as well as far too many others I know and most people I do not know. This is the reasons medical practitioners tell me that the true psychotics are in general society and not in the hospital. This of course, does not help Shirley. For her, for the moment, it is medication. Once she is in balance, and even before, I can work harmoniously with her to "unpinch" the organ action and functions of her body which her feeling sorry for herself, her inferiority complex, her lack of selfconfidence - all the same ilk - and put them in order once again.

The mind is more at point in everything I do - more than I recognize it. In my terminology it is not the mind, but the brain. The mind is my universal oneness with allness. My brain is the device in my body which has its own strainer, its own sieve which makes itself a selfappointed filter for the universal wisdom. It does not "choose" so much from the allness as it closes itself off from the unlimited allness and allows only a small portion of isness to shine forth in my thinking and in my expression.

I work with her human psyche and set in motion training programs wherein her brain is more open to the allness and isness as an everyday awareness. She is best able to benefit from my work with her when she takes her relaxation medication. The medication is not sufficient to cure the problem. It holds the runaway inhibitions in check long enough for the selfawareness training of selfconfidence and selfdiscipline to gain a foothold in her life.

I do not run a school for healing, I run a school of wholeness, and I call it the School of the Master. Notice it is the School of the Master and not the school of the masters. I work individually with each person who seeks me out to guide them along their spiritual path. Each person who seeks me out to guide them along their human to spiritual path, find that it is really not difficult.

Here at the University of Healing wholeness is my game.

As I work with Shirley and Arnold, with all those who come to find their human wholeness, their divine selves, their spiritual revelation of who and what they are, I am blessed infinitely.

In my work I see in others the truth about themselves. Unless I first look for and find the truth within myself, unless I look and find my own divinity and spiritual mastery, I cannot find it in another. I thoroughly delight in the work of visiting the great physician within me and showing others how to find it within them.

I first train myself and others to find peace within. Finding peace within I do not fight the mode of society, the morals of humanity and the limitations I so often set for myself. Being peace I let go of all conflict and have no need for chemicals, medicines to relax and substances which manipulate my body to be less tense and chaotic. I teach a principle that works when it is worked. If I use the principle to tell myself it does not work for me, I close myself off to its benefit. As I tell myself it works beautifully, so it functions for me.

I am as responsible to the "working" of principle as anyone else.

As I concluded an email to one friend I spoke of absolute terms, I spoke of unconditional love and inner balance. All this leads to an endless life of wholeness and happiness. I said "The unfoldment of your spiritual life through the various channels you have taken have almost achieved your goal. I say almost because the moment is soon at hand for you when you burst forth the magic which is you that snuggles just beneath all of the outerness of life. Living absolute requires nothing and need not be worked as our human counterpart would have us believe. Living absolute is being. When we arrive at the stage of being in our life the struggle is over and we are!"

 —Dr Herbert L Beierle