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Winter 2007

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Yucca plants on the UNI campus as described in "EJ Shares" in the current GIST

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God's Pocket
All Life Is Designed For Perfection

Probing The Infinite

EJ Shares
There are as many healing techniques as there are wholesome ideas

Practitioner Letter
I Learn To Be Number One


God's Pocket - Autumn 2006 Issue

All Life Is Designed For Perfection

HerbIT IS INTERESTING how my natural repose is always peace. My natural condition in life is to be relaxed and at ease. My natural manner of being is to quietly flow through each day. Me - as humanity - is designed to be restful, with feet up, head back and not a care in the world. In truth, this is what I as mankind am. In truth this is what all living and non living matter is. In truth this is what makes the world go around - peace and more peace. If this is what makes the world go around, why is there conflict anywhere? As usual I am asking the question backside first. Throughout the entire scope of existence there is movement and chaos - very active movement and very dynamic chaos. All is very well planned and all function harmoniously with itself and with all other existence as either matter or thought and both. There is never a moment of disharmony or lack of order. Balance is the keynote for all that is - all the expression observed and not observed - all existence is equilibrium and order. This being true, where is the lack of peace?

In the first place wherever there appears to be a lack of peace is in such a tangential, fragmental and incidental number of cases that I can count them on my fingertips. These minor peripheral unattached illustrations for the lack of peace again come to my attention as not necessarily the lack of peace but my inability to equate their interesting chaos to balance and harmony.

Interestingly in the 21st century an entire educational system has emerged in the field of chaos. Rather than disorder and confusion as chaos is currently defined, chaos is undifferentiated order which is a study in progress of being understood.

Any condition defined as conflict is easily reviewed and found to be balance and order the moment it is taken out of the light of emotion where the imponderable field of passion takes over and logic and reason are created to manipulate and possess - then it is peace once again. Put these conditions aside and with them gone then all is peace and harmony, unconditional love and balance, eternal joy and oneness.

Does this truly work? Very definitely! When I choose to let go of my "rights" and my "possessions" there is peace in all. That is all there is to it, smile!

 —Dr Herbert L Beierle