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Winter 2007

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Yucca plants on the UNI campus as described in "EJ Shares" in the current GIST

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All Life Is Designed For Perfection

Probing The Infinite

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There are as many healing techniques as there are wholesome ideas

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I Learn To Be Number One


Serendipity - Autumn 2006 Issue

Probing The Infinite

FAILURE IS ONE of the most exciting things that could ever happen to me. It is only when I let go of one project and take on another that I find new and exciting activities for my life. Perhaps failure is a strong word to use for the prospect of changing occupations or professions or talents - but it gets right to the core of the situation immediately.

Edison failed seeking to find the light bulb but finally he found it. It was so in many of his other inventions - as with all inventors. They do not call it failure; they call it trial and error, practice, probing the infinite.

I was thrilled and fascinated to hear that the author of Harry Potter after penning seven novels on Potter has decided to write no more Harry Potter books. Joanne Kathleen Rowling has become one of the richest women in the world, one of the most well known and one of the most highly respected women for her writing talent, her skill in working with her publishers, her expertise in working with her producers for the many motion pictures of her books - and much more that will ultimately be revealed.

Another surprise is Bill Gates. He is leaving maximum control of his baby the Microsoft Company where his genius and illumination made it one of the world’s great corporations. He is retiring in favor of philanthropically investing (they call it giving) billions of dollars to organizations, projects and institutions that will benefit humanity. This is a switch from directing a prosperous making money firm to directing a prosperous foundation placing money where it will research the needs and desires of the world.

Bill Gates and his love of computer software is now directing his attention in an entirely different format but with his mathematical genius he will flower as he decides in which areas he and his wife will direct their attention to be a blessing to mankind.

What J K Rowlings will do with her time and life is not yet known. She was born July 31, 1965. She will surely spend some time with her family in Scotland and enjoy her wealth. But with a magical mind such as hers, thrilling new opportunities will compel her attention.

Giving 37 billion dollars to the Gates Foundation was quite an act for Warren Buffett who always held onto his money tenaciously. Buffet has come to the point where he feels he would like to spend time with what family he has left to just do nothing - truly an impossible task for a doer. For a man who has made money first and foremost all of his life, to give it away and to spend it for the fun of it, is a new program. It is as though he has reached the status of failure.

The power of my word is so tremendously important and yet seldom do I realize how magnificent it is. It is natural to look at the wealth of such moguls as Rowlings, Gates and Buffett and think what a joy it would be to spend it - wisely, of course!

The problem with such great amounts of wealth - anything which is more than I have use for - is that it is no longer fun but a burden. I must think of ways to apply it, ways to spend it, ways to use it, ways to invest it, ways to keep everyone happy who knows that I have money and would like me to give them some of it since I have so much.

Interestingly I do not have this problem. I am in the position that Rawlings, Gates and Buffett are aiming toward - freedom from having to control and direct a vast fortune. I do not have the notoriety of their success celebrity which makes it impossible for them to go out in public without being trampled by autograph seekers - especially for a check, smile.

I can probe the infinite and have a wonderful time doing it. I can sit at my computer and write to my heart’s content without feeling that I have a manuscript awaiting publication. I can write my Serendipity and God’s Pocket at my leisure or not at all. If I publish my GIST quarterly or not, it really does not matter to me or my world.

I can sit at my computer and write books - I have already written 14 books and numerous pamphlets - and no one would miss it, least of all me if I went fishing. Everything that I have written has fulfilled the purpose for which they were written and I even have manuscripts waiting publication - finished by my hand ready for the printer.

I can sit in my Absolute Recording Studio and hold my Olympus DM-1 in my hand and record my three talks for the internet everyday: Thought for Today, Instant Illumination and Absolute Philosopher. Then I go on and record Mr Candle and Bible Stories and Dial Healing Words.

Joyfully I say what I believe, what is in my mind every year as I give seminars on campus, the United States, Canada, South America, Europe, Great Britain and Africa. Many of these can be heard on the net through our HomePage under seminars. The ones in Canada are often translated simultaneously into French. The ones in Switzerland, Germany and Italy are simultaneously translated into German or Italian. I probe the infinite with thoughts which reveal the divinity within every being starting with myself.

I join Rawling, Gates and Buffett in Probing the Infinite just for the fun of it.

 —Dr Herbert L Beierle