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Winter 2007

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It All Comes Back To Mental Attitude

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God's Pocket - Winter 2007 Issue

It All Comes Back To Mental Attitude

HerbIT ALL COMES back to mental attitude! I work with people from all walks of life. I work with people from all areas of need so far as healing goes. I work with people from all possible conditions wherein there is no hope but they are still alive and they would like to remain alive and hopefully enjoy health - at least a little bit of health. I work with people who have studied all of the areas of healing and their techniques and they quote me what is being done in medicine, science, psychology and religion. I work with people who know all is lost and who have given up on life and on living.

After reading this the comment must be made: How sick!

Indeed, how sick!

I have seen those that are ill search the "universe" looking for health, looking for something, someway, somehow that healing can be theirs.

Unkindly but profoundly I tell them they are walking down a path with no solution. The cause of the illness is not allayed. The condition in their body remains and exacerbates in unforgiving intensity. It all just gets worse.

What can be done? What can be done is to live in a positive attitude - a positive mental attitude. It sounds easy and it is.

Laughter works as a healing agent insofar as it takes the person’s mind off the illness and puts it firmly on the health-giving joy that makes the body bubble over with enthusiasm (en+theos - in god-to be inspired). Healing laughter is not a desired thing, it works! Medical practitioners are using it worldwide. At the moment it is as a fad, going through general interest but almost as too good to be true.

It All Comes Back To Mental Attitude!

Pure and simple, it all comes back to mental attitude.

Were I in a position to manipulate others who are seeking good health I would have them in "laugh sessions" from morning to night. I would have these people seeking health from ANY cause - mental, physical, spiritual - you name it, engaged in 24/7/30/365 laughter so much so that they have no time to think of anything else but laughter, they have no time for any mental attitude other than a happy joyous state of consciousness. They would be beside themselves. Whatever was their condition would be forgotten, the condition would be the last thought in their mind, the condition was as though it did not exist - and truly it only exists in the mental attitude, in the mind.

T H E N  -  there would only be health and happiness, there would only be people everywhere living in their original purity and integrity.

It All Comes Back To Mental Attitude!

 —Dr Herbert L Beierle