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Winter 2007

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Practitioner Letter - Winter 2007 Issue


DANIEL IS A student of the University of Healing and also our webmaster. He lives in San Diego, a sixty mile journey from Campo and sometimes spends a retreat weekend with us.

At meals he entertains us with stories of his dating adventures and points out that dating is fun when it is playful, easy and funfilled. He is practicing that by getting the seriousness and competitiveness out of the way and by just being himself under all circumstances.

Just when we were ready to get into a discussion about playfulness, Dr Beierle suggests that we all, including Daniel, write in three to four paragraphs what playfulness means for each of us.

At the dinner table we read them to each other and they all address different aspects of being playful, but the giggling, funfilled easiness of playfulness as a universal concept is present in all.

For me playfulness is a childlike attitude of liking to play, of finding fun in everything.

When I was at a gasoline station the other day I watched two kids jumping out of a car and instantly starting to play and giggle just by climbing and jumping down a little stone rise on the side of the gasoline pump. If they keep up this attitude life will never be boring for them because they follow their intuitions with unabashed abandon.

Playfulness is also being humorous with the same childlike abandon of silliness and joy. To watch a movie with children or go with them to a puppet show is pure fun. They can laugh and comment so freely and unreservedly. When I was visiting my family in Switzerland I was babysitting Yanick, my four year old grand nephew and at bedtime I read him his favorite story. He had heard it umpty times but would laugh and laugh again at the same funny lines, as if it were entirely new to him - and it was - because this inner joy of the moment comes from living in the timelessness of NOW.

Playfulness is born from the natural creativeness of a free spirit, of someone in tune with their inner joyful innocence. It is an expression of the blissfulness of who we are, it is god in us having fun as us. It is who we are, the inexhaustible laughter of heaven!

I have fun being me!

—Dr Sylvia M Enz