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Summer 2007

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With A Song In My Heart

EJ Shares
I Am Myself And Have Fun

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EJ Shares - Summer 2007 Issue

I Am Myself And Have Fun

EllenI LOVE TO SING! It exudes cheerfulness and elevates my spirit. It just does that! One of my favored songs is:

I have the whole world in my hands!

While I walk the meditation path, while I water the flowers in and outside the Embassy, while I do the cooking, cleaning and shower my body, I often sing. Whenever I sing, I feel invigorated in my mind of my busy schedule and a world of peace and goodness magically shines forth from me. I sing with gusto, with great enthusiasm. I let loose my hidden talent. I am effervescent like the tall springing jet-d'eau in the lake of Geneva, where I loved to sit during my French study time - dreaming happy dreams. The changing after dark color illumined the lofty fountain-the spectacular symbol of the Swiss City of Geneva-shoots up an incredible amount of water dispersing a great power.

Fascinating! Refreshing! Exhilarating! A true inspiration! I am that fountain of splashing truth, awakening my reality, my eternal happiness which is my innate nature, my only reason to be in this world. My singing heart releases my musical genius-a hidden part of me. It is my privilege to create a fun-filled, love-filled, healthy, wealthy, super world. My gentle thoughts, my loving feelings are the invisible stimulator in my life, ready for any fabulous outcome. I am the thinker, the thought and that what I bring forth by my singing thoughts: I have the whole world in my hands! I read in the January-February AARP magazine that our brains catch emotions the same way we catch colds. The reason is that we constantly pick up messages we are not aware of, prompting reactions - including illnesses - in ways never before understood. This happens since we are wired through our perception, through our sensitivity, through uncontrolled feelings - compassion, judgment! We actually catch each other's emotions like a cold and wonder why we feel stressed, depressed or unhappy. We are "wired" to the thoughts of our surroundings which the media spreads so subtly in TV and newspapers into our minds. Unceremoniously I let this happen if I participate in a relative limiting world called race consciousness when I forget my happy singing self. My charming Pilipino hairdresser - a very sensitive caring lady - loves to read our GIST. "You know Ellen," she said the other day, "in my profession I hear a lot of stories from my clients. Everyone, regardless man or woman, like to tell me their life chronicle. It hits me right in my face as I feel their thoughts, even before they start talking. Through the GIST, through talking to the UNI monks who come here to have their hair cut, I have learnt to bless my store, my tools, everything I use in my salon. I especially bless everyone who enters here. I take charge and no longer allow the emotions of others to bombard me. Since I do this, I feel much better, I feel balanced and peaceful. Because of my new attitude I have increased the number of my clients. Now I am relaxed and let my inner music be the joy of my life. I sing inside when I give my concentration to a beautiful haircut. I put a lovely melody around them, a melody of caring, a melody of love. Yes, it can be a challenge to let our emotions run wild, but NOW that I am aware of HOW to handle myself, my whole life is a song, a true love song. I do as you, Ellen, I sing in the morning on my way to work. I start my day orchestrating my life to my highest good. I fly - I soar in a heavenly spirit - being my divine fun filled self. "I sing with all my heart and feel the whole world in my hands."

—Dr Ellen Jermini