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Summer 2007

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Serendipity - Summer 2007 Issue

With A Song In My Heart

EVERY MORNING I wake up with a song in my heart. The song in my heart usually is a new creation fitting for me and my day. I open my eyes and look about me and say to myself, "Wow, what a great day this is. I live in my ideal spirit mind and body - whole and perfect. I like me, I am divine order, I am independently wealthy, I am peace." As I say these words - sing these words - I bubble over with happiness. This is how I start my day.

I have a lot of favorite songs from our book Joy Songs which leap out of my heart through my voice and my actions.

To the melody of Lullaby and Good Night I sing lustily:

I am god, god I am, over and over again. This makes my entire body vibrate with the feelings of goodness and peace, with an indescribable love, an unconditional love, and I walk on a cloud as I move along my morning meditation walk.

Within me is a sense of goodness and rightness. In this feeling I sing:

Now there is peace on Earth and it began with me.
Now there is peace on Earth, the peace that is meant to be.
I am god the creator, one as all my world,
Walking with my creation, in perfect harmony.
Now there is peace in all, for this is the moment now.
With every step I take, I offer solemn vow.
I take each moment and live each moment in peace eternally.
Now there is peace on Earth, for it began with me.

I wrap myself, my creation and my world in the harmony and vibration of perfect peace. I sing and sing and sing and soar in my inner heavenly awareness that the world is indeed as peaceful as I am in my divine inner self. How glorious it is!

The charming tune of Mary Had a Little Lamb fits so beautifully to the confident words and song that makes me feel intellectually and emotionally right with the song:

Why can I say I am god, say I am god, say I am god,
Why can I say I am god, and know that it is true!
Why can I say I am god, say I am god, say I am god,
Why can I say I am god, because that's all there is!

When I sing my mind accepts the concepts and words. I flow with the feeling and the oneness of all and all is so true in my heart and soul.

As I walk the meditation path singing these words I sense a rightness and goodness for all my world and for myself in a very special way. I look at the plants and trees, the hills and mountains surrounding me and am embraced by their kinship and harmony with all of life. I am in tune with all and all is good and very good. As I sing and fly in spirit my feet softly caress the ground and effortlessly climb the mountain and romp through the valley with each movement enchanting my body and mind in a blissful presence.

My inner sun sparkles in my eyes and I "see" the reflection of who and what I am in this inner-outer mirror ever so clearly. I sing:

Now I am only perfection, I'm perfect in every way.
Each time I look in the mirror, I see only god in me.
To know me is to love me, I know I am god, god I am.
Now I am only perfection, I'm perfect in every way.
Now I am only perfection, I'm perfect in every way.
Now I know I am god, god I am! Now I know I am god, god I am!

I sing these words with a haughtiness which makes me feel sort of smarty - like yet a goodness overtakes my mind and heart and I bubble. As I am the creator of my world I create myself in the awareness of who and what I am, I am god and I am good. I am perfect in every way. It is such a confident sense of beingness and a proper pride in what this inner beingness is that I am, I smile and laugh and leap with joy.

My morning awakening and walking are weightless and awareful of all that I am. In this alertness I create new words to express who I am - and I am awareful of my delight in myself and my creation.

How great it is!

 —Dr Herbert L Beierle

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