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Summer 2007

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Practitioner Letter - Summer 2007 Issue

Love This Gadget

NO, I DO NOT own one yet, but each time I sit in a car with a GPS (Global Positioning System) I delight how it guides me turn by turn, intersection by intersection to my destination. When I hear the computerized voice of the gadget announce: you have arrived and check the house number, sure enough, it brought me to the right place - right to the front door. Wow, it seems almost miraculous, that a simple gadget can take away the bother to study maps and outline my trip on a piece of paper. One thing though I noticed was important for a successful journey - to get my own interpretations out of the way - my logic does not bring me to my goal - because my logic is not aware of the detours and the obstacles that the satellite has figured out and communicated to the GPS.

A couple of days ago we were blessed with the visit of a delightful couple from San Bernardino County. After lunch Clement, the husband, sat with us monks at the table and shared stories of his life. Soon I recognized that his brand of GPS was one that really turns me on, because I had to admit that he traveled firmly and securely with it. The only thing that was different from the car GPS I am talking about is, that his GPS is his inner voice, the divine within guiding him unfailingly to the perfect solution. He told us story after story of how with this inner guidance he succeeded in what we would call testing endeavors.

I learn like Clement, to believe in myself! Myself which is the divine magnificence in me and in everything that exists - as god is all and all is god.

—Dr Sylvia M Enz