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God's Pocket - Autumn 2009 Issue

Careless By Choice

EllenI AM A BEING of choice.

Every moment of every day I choose to think the thoughts that I think, I choose to listen to the conversations I hear and I choose to do the actions that I do. Pure logic, I respond to myself, but is it?

I have made myself a creature of habit. I do things, say things and listen to things out of pure habit. Any "new" thought, which comes into my world is a shock to my lovely brain and me. This shock requires me to say to myself, Is this what I want to experience?

All too suddenly I return to the habitual pathways of my past and ignore the “shock” of the “new” thought that wants to claim my attention.

Today I take exceedingly great pleasure in looking at something new and something that delights my spirit, mind and body.

I proclaim to myself: I like me! I am young, dynamic and alive. I am ideal spirit mind and body.

As I proclaim these truths about myself I no longer am careless by choice, I am careful of what I tell myself, my world, and my allness of who and what I am. As I proclaim the reality of my being I am a new being, I am a new expression of love, joy, peace, harmony and goodness. What a wonderful choice this is and how great it is.

I direct my freedom of choice to call forth all that I am now.

 —Dr Herbert L Beierle