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Serendipity - Autumn 2009 Issue

I Learn To Listen

THE MAGIC OF being me is that I hear, I learn to listen again.

For so long I have become slovenly in my listening to what is going on in my world. I hear with half an ear, with half my attention, with half my alert awareness of what is going on around me. Much of the time I think I hear what is being said or the sounds that are familiar because that is what I am accustomed to hearing.

It is much like listening to a familiar sound that at first was unpleasant, but after much hearing I no longer hear it. Street noises, noises of the community near my home repugnant to my visitors but I have long ago "shut it off" and no longer hear the inharmonious sounds that definitely are there, but not for me.

I now have the ability to hear the twitter of a bird, the splashing of a brook, the murmur of a baby in another room in the middle of the night—these are by my choice. When I choose, I can still hear the silent sounds that I now have trained myself to ignore because I feel they are unimportant to my daily life.

Interestingly enough, when someone mentions my name or talks about something, which is of interest to me, I hear them loud and clear. I hear them very well even though I have consciously turned down my listening volume on so many things that more and more I am deaf to life going on in and around me.

While it is often true that language spoken with familiarity becomes slovenly, I do not have to fall into the trap of "hearing it slovenly" for my subconscious and conscious listening hear everything perfectly and are able to detect the original purity and integrity of any word or phrase.

I have the genius to "hear" all. I have the awareness to sense what is meant by any thought or spoken word. I have the capacity to hear all as each word or thought is designed and spoken to express, though the vehicle at the moment may be mispronouncing and inadequately sending out clear vibrations of the words and thoughts themselves—behind each stands its original intention.

While bothersome, I can train myself to know and hear the original intention of all expressions, be it the babbling of a baby in its crib or the symphony, either in all of its magic, never lost to my trained ear, to my trained intuitive listening.

I Think That I Hear By Sound.

SOUND IS VIBRATION. The vibrations issue forth from the source of the sound. All vibrations ringing out from their sender are pure. Each tone is the allness of its intention. Each vibration has the nuance of its original purpose.

I have allowed myself to be slovenly in my listening. The complete tone, the complete vibration in its purity is there, it is my privilege to hear and listen to all that each is.

The sound comes forth to my ear. My ear receives the sound and takes it into its mechanism and guides the vibration into the brain. The brain in turn interprets the sound based on its original intent. The brain is one with the universal mind and knows what each sound has as its integrity, as its original purpose for vibrating in the first place.

It is not that I do not hear the sound source clearly, the vibrations that tell the story I am listening to—rather it is that I have lost contact with my brain-mind oneness. I allow myself to half hear the vibrations, which bring me awareness of my oneness with my universe.

It might seem that meditation is a far cry from learning to listen, but actually they are one. As I train myself in quiet meditation I hear all of the music of the universe, I hear all of the sounds of my world, I hear every nuance of each spoken word clearly and precisely. For this is how I am designed to hear, this is how I am designed to listen, this is how I am designed to be.

Meditation requires me to listen quietly within. Meditation draws my thinking to the fullness of every expression. I deliciously absorb and fondle every vibratory tone, delighting in its extended expression, in its convoluted variance of sound and melody, marrying myself to the magic of every tone, expression and concept.

I learn to listen as I once again fall in love with me and who I am. I learn to listen when, as the delight of a child with its toe, I delight with every word, phrase or idiomatic phrase, which reveals the depths I thrill to enter.

It is not a matter of going slower or faster, being more receptive or more intuitive, but rather of being in love with life and all it’s vicissitudes.

Whenever I have a lack of interest in something, whenever I turn my attention away from an experience, whenever I am onepointed somewhere else, I am careless with my awareness of details.

I train myself to be careful in my awareness of all. Every moment that I choose to think about ANYTHING I give my complete attention to it and I give my complete tuned-in awareness to it and I understand it perfectly.

Scientists make new revelations every day. Unless the eye has a disease, the eye has the tendency to be perfect. When I strain my eye as I seek to see better, further and more, I see less. When I relax my eye and allow myself to function naturally my eye immediately returns to its original integrity and perfection. The eye receives vibrations from its world and sends these to the brain, which interprets them into a useful awareness perfectly.

Scientists reveal the ear structure, unless it has a disease, is perfect. The ear is designed to receive the vibrations of the universe about it, send these vibrations to the brain where they are interpreted and understood and "heard" beautifully.

All of this is done in the brain. It is intelligently utilized, as the brain and the mind are one.

As I train myself in intention I have awareness of all.

Intention is one of the most important aspects of the human brain, the mind and expression. With intention I know who I am, why I am, where I am, what I am, and how I am.

Wherever my interest is there is my intention. Wherever my intention is there is my awareness. Wherever my awareness is there I am.

Through meditation I find my oneness with my world. I can hear perfectly. I can see perfectly. I can feel perfectly. I am perfect!

 —Dr Herbert L Beierle