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Spring 2012

GIST Magazine
A birthday present for the Dean, a practice ride on the SegWay two wheel vehicle with Dr Anita Lopp. Magic moments of fun!

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God's Pocket
Time To Wake Up

The GIST Goes On

EJ Shares
The Magical Value Of My Family

All Is In Divine Order
Morris Keeps Me In The Now


All Is In Divine Order - Spring 2012 Issue

Morris Keeps Me In The Now

I love spending time with Morris. Morris is an 80-year-young gentleman.

I am his nowkeeper. Officially I am employed as his caregiver. The two of us have changed my employment status to his nowkeeper.

Every morning I am with Morris. The first thing I do when arriving in his home is getting the fire going in the living room. He is still snuggled up in his warm bed. I knock at his bedroom door.

"Come in Anita, you are here."

"Yes, good morning Morris."

Morris gives me the biggest smile. With it the sun rises in my heart.

He asks me how I am and what I am up to.

I open the drapes and we soak-in the early morning sky.

While Morris gets dressed I am preparing his breakfast.

He enjoys taking his breakfast in the cozy warmed living room.

We have a clock and a big calendar hanging right over the fireplace.

At the beginning while still being a nowkeeper apprentice I would write all our appointments on the that calendar instantly.

Morris studies the calendar asking, "What day is it Anita? Is it time to go? Are we there yet?"

He is quite frustrated. He feels he is not totally in charge and is not fit to face his world.

You see, Morris has a gift; he lives here and now. He is a child in an adult’s body. He does not remember time.

So we figure out a way in which he can enjoy himself in a world ticking by the clock.

Every morning we cross out the day we had already enjoyed. If we had an appointment or something we would love to do on our daily schedule, it was my job to put it in the calendar not earlier then an hour before the actual event.

That gave us plenty of time to get ready. Getting ready to go out with Morris is a joy. He is so exited and happily chooses his finest outfit regardless of what we are up to. After he has put on the ideal hat, we are ready for our adventure.

Gosh, we have such fun together.

Sometimes, when I get caught up in time while doing all my so important chores in the house, Morris calls to me, "Anita, I think you did enough. Lets play a game of cards."

We are laugh and giggle. We talk about god and all there is. We sit in the living room. We play cards. He wins most of the time. To be honest I think the few times I win he lets me win. He enjoys watching me celebrate myself, giggle.

I wouldn’t want to miss a moment with Morris. I am honored to be his nowkeeper. We are dear friends.

—Anita Lopp