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Spring 2012

GIST Magazine
A birthday present for the Dean, a practice ride on the SegWay two wheel vehicle with Dr Anita Lopp. Magic moments of fun!

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God's Pocket
Time To Wake Up

The GIST Goes On

EJ Shares
The Magical Value Of My Family

All Is In Divine Order
Morris Keeps Me In The Now


God's Pocket - Spring 2012 Issue

Time To Wake Up

EllenEVERONE gets into a rut and stays there forever, or so it seems. Getting out of the rut demands that I take charge of my thinking and direct my thinking toward a more positive point of view that brings me positive benefits. It is always up to me.

The only way to rise from a depression is to turn my attention to the goal I choose for myself. If my goals are weak, my uplift will be meaningless and useless. It is always up to my thought and it is whatever I choose to make my goal for myself, which is what I experience.

I look at my computer. I see many group programs and individual presentations that attract my attention. As I look at these charming attachments I am drawn to them, drawn to take time to read them and even to follow the information they offer for me to include in my own life and thinking.

In all of life I am going to be charmed by what goes on in my world and I am going to have to be very careful that I allow only that which is truly beneficial for me in my thought and in my reading attention. How great it looks. How compelling it is and how it causes me to "believe" in it and adopt it in my thinking system. Am I to be bamboozled into such a way just because it is well given, just because it is presented by a high priced Madison Avenue salesmanship? If I am so led and so controlled, I had better be very careful. What do I really want in my life? How much of a yokel am I? Smile!

I have the privilege of going into Wikipedia to search out any topic that interests me and along the way I am smitten by other imaginative presentations that were not on my list. How foolish will I be as I allow my self to absorb and drink in things that are not on my chosen list? I make the choice. I make the decision and I reap the benefit.

My computer is a lot like my brain. My brain has loads of ideas, thoughts, objects and subjects to attract my attention. If I randomly allow myself to research the brain, research Madison Avenue, I will find that I am walking through a forest of many things that are not of my choice.

What I can do is to turn my computer off or at least put it to sleep. I can turn off my brain and smile, put it to sleep.

Herein I make a major act in the ruts of my life. I now am turning off the ruts in my life and taking away the power of my attention that is the power that enables my brain to function.

In this power pause I let my brain rest and cease to direct my thinking system. I let go of the thousands of ideas that want to grasp my attention and I disenfranchise them, removing their "right" to direct traffic in my brain, of my thinking system.

Now the infinite ideas of my mind can be addressed and I can in the quietness of my thinking claim these ideas as useful and significant, and mine. As I do this all that has been undesirable in my world fades from view, loses its ability to be an accepted activity in my life and I am now walking down a rutless road in my mind revealing all that is good, beautiful, beneficial and rewarding to me.

Madison Avenue genii no longer direct the traffic of ideas in me - I am in charge and I go to the guiding light of the traffic of ideas in me, which is my listening to the divine within for direction both of content and focus. I am a free spirit once again which is my reality.

To establish a new program for myself demands that I take my self-imposed goal and nurture it, tenderly care for it and singularly make it the most important choice I could ever imagine for myself. This means I eat, sleep and breathe that which I know already dwells within me and is awaiting revelation in my life now.

I know I can do it, I do it and it is mine.

 —Dr Herbert L Beierle