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Spring 2012

GIST Magazine
A birthday present for the Dean, a practice ride on the SegWay two wheel vehicle with Dr Anita Lopp. Magic moments of fun!

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God's Pocket
Time To Wake Up

The GIST Goes On

EJ Shares
The Magical Value Of My Family

All Is In Divine Order
Morris Keeps Me In The Now


EJ Shares - Spring 2012 Issue

The Magical Value Of My Family

EllenLIFE and people are always changing. Precious family values remain. MY consciousness, through my ideals, carry out my family ideals which my parents thoughtfully taught to my sister and myself.

For many years I had little contact with my sister. Marlis lives in our homeland Germany where we grew to womanhood. Her dynamic thrilling life based on the world she and her husband lived together filled their lives with meaning and purpose.

I chose another path when I found an inner fire that caused me to look at life differently. I now live as a monk in the Absolute Monastery in Campo California.

Although we are thousands of miles apart our hearts remain as one. We are sisters with the same kinship. More than that! We both recognize the spiritual values our parents gave to us. Our mother, through the way she lived, subtly giving guidance and unconditional love to us. Our father lived values of mutual respect and honor and taught us at his knee while smoking his cigars in the evening after returning home from his work. Marlis and I are spiritual sisters - reflections of our divine reality revealed to us by our parents.

The apparent silence I experienced was me listening to myself on my inner journey quickening my mind and clearing my inner eye. The day came that I awoke uniting with my sister, my reflection, eternally destined to be together.

I never had pets and did not realize how unconditionally loving my life could be. Now I have two amazing cats. Minou a boy-cat and Sweetie a girl-cat. These two loving creatures are designed to be great snugglers. Twelve years before them came my unexpected puppy dog Little Love who claimed my parenting heart. He shares his household with me.

I found out how animals live in unconditional love with each other and how much they are my extraordinary teachers. A new world opened up to me which definitely broadened my spectrum of a happy life.

My awareness through my furry children revealed a connection to my great animal fan sister and I.

I took pictures of my kittens as they cuddled together symbolizing for me sisterly love.

I realize the love of my pets illuminated a oneness I always had for my sister. Love letters and pictures from my world took wing to fly across the ocean brightening our hearts with joy. Nature’s beauty expressed my caring through a bouquet of colorful spring flowers I sent to Marlis - each blossom saying:

I love you, sisterle-sisterle - that’s how I always call her.

I realize that the values I live are priceless. These values are ones I live with my family. I choose to be unconditionally loving. In this light my kin and I breathe as one. The magic of my family is eternal.

In unimaginable love I thank my mother and father, my sister, my husband, my two ideal children and their ideal children for being the reflection of an immortal presence in all of us.

 - Dr Ellen Jermini