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Truly It Is A Snap - My International Driver's License Test


Practitioner Letter - Autumn 2012 Issue

Truly It Is A Snap - My International Driver's License Test

We get requests from people around the world coming to America and getting their driver’s license here. The biggest complaint is that there are so many states in the United States and each state has its own driver's license test.

We find that people who take the California Driver’s License testing are so completely indoctrinated into the scheme of driving in America, that once they take their test in California driving across the continent is always harmonious.

Why is it that getting a California Driver’s License is so all-inclusive? Why is it that those who are fortunate enough to take the test for being a driver in California find that driving internationally they have learned the entire rules-of-the-road for driving globally? The answer is that California expects the best out of every driver and California requires that the local, national and international rules-of-the-road are trained into would-be-licensed drivers from California as a matter of fact.

Worldwide nations are seeking to bring synchronization, harmonization and balance in all areas of living, not just driving.

Just as the expectations of being a Christian, a Hindu, an Islam, a person of any major religion, each find the teachings of their philosophies to be harmonious in whatever nation they may live or in whatever part of the world they practice their cultural social and philosophical way.

We call ourselves human, divine, spiritually illumined, caring beings - the desire encompassed in all religious teachings.

Some religious teachings have a tendency to be heavy specifically and in so far as this is so it would appear that the philosophy is therefore different from other cultures. Always there is taught respect for parents, family, and community and for their nation. These teachings are universal.

Learning the rules-of-the-road for each nation is truly not difficult. It is only difficult when it is compared one nation to another.

Respect for parent and family are universal. Respect for driving where "designated" on a road in any country is universal, however the individual country may drive left or right side.

An international driver’s license test check out drivers to see if each one will drive harmoniously with the other drivers on the road knowing the rules-of-road and respecting these rules. Truly not strange at all! It is all a matter of psychologically being harmonious with the art of driving and therein driving with mutual respect.

Visitors to the Worldwide Healing Ministry of the Church of God Unlimited / University of Healing are trained that universal principle remains the same for any religion, any land, any group.

Those seeking the guidance of practitioners from the UNI find that the principle they are taught to follow is universal and functions for everyone, regardless of their religious philosophy.

How wisely the California Driver's License program flows harmoniously with universal principle for the benefit of drivers in California and the WORLD. How truly great this is.

 —Dr Herbert L Beierle