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Autumn 2007

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Seminar group in Owerri, Nigeria

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Magic Brain Stem Cells

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God's Pocket - Autumn 2007 Issue

Magic Brain Stem Cells

HerbEvery morning I awaken to the hustle bustle of 10,000 stem cells vying for my attention. Every morning I am thrilled with the magic of the music of my heart as it vibrates to the energy of stem cell activity in my body. It is a never-ending story.

I have just returned from traveling throughout Europe, London and Africa telling of the newly discovered brain stem cells which are available to humanity to accomplish whatever it desires for itself. I was in the churches, centers and extension divisions of the University of Healing. In every city, in every country, in every place where I shared this fabulous story I was greeted by enthusiastic audiences.

If you would like to participate in some of the seminars I conducted worldwide check them out on our home web page www.university-of-healing.edu and open the archives and then the seminar series and check the 10,000 Brain Stem Cell born daily and how to use them. Reports are in from the scientific communities of the world telling of these 10,000 magic cells which are born daily in every human brain - and quite likely in the brain every animal or "brained" creature. Interestingly the cells have always been mine to call upon but I did not know that specifically - but now I do. Hurrah!

I will be speaking often of these messengers of love to bring about bodily wholeness and how simple the process is.

The process is equal to a parent sitting at a child’s bedside cooing into the child’s ear, "You are a genius. You are a joyous child. You are whole and perfect." Caring parents and caregivers of all sorts whisper these sweet "every things" into the sleeping consciousness of people all over the world.

Now we know what we are doing for the first time. We always knew it worked.

 —Dr Herbert L Beierle