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Autumn 2007

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Seminar group in Owerri, Nigeria

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Ingeborg - Autumn 2007 Issue

I Am Divine Order

I KNOW WHO I am. I am god, god I am. I am conscious of being the divine creator of all there is. I am harmony and peace. I really enjoy living joyfully in the metaphysical divine order in the monastic life.

I hear from within that it is my own choice being born, being active and being alive now. I work with equiability, integrity and peace, for my delight.

I experience continuously the effect of: "Words are things." I think of having a fried egg at breakfast and baked beans for lunch and so it is. This is a prompt example.

I believe that I, as the practitioner express divine order quintessentially in being oil on the water with a peaceful attitude. I know that in whatever situation, with unconditional love, selfdetermination, selfdedication, selfdiligence and selfdiscipline as a positive solution it is achieved.

I affirm with absolute conviction these powerful affirmations: "I am whole and perfect", "Í am independently wealthy and supplied with all I desire".

The affirmation of the three simple words: "I am god, god I am", mean to me that I am the positive attribute of "divine order" is the reflection of my behavior. I love all animated and nonanimated beings.

I practice unconditional love with whatever or whomever I meet. This is the positive love I have for myself and lovingly share with my creation.

I experience that the more I give out love from my heart, the more love returns to me in an unexpected way. I lovingly determine my gift of love. I give unconditionally without purpose. In this way of giving love, I see the effect of the divine order I am.

I watch the tiny birds and delight in their twittering. I watch lovingly their freedom I see in myself. They fly swiftly from one tree or bent branch to another. I observe their ability in running quickly on the ground in the garden. The small and big birds scratch intuitively with their feet and bill under dry or wet leaves to find nutriment. I lovingly see divine order in their life and flights.

I am divine attitude.

—Dr Ingeborg Puchert