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Autumn 2007

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Practical Introspection

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Serendipity - Autumn 2007 Issue

Practical Introspection

Practicing introspection is an elusive experience for most people because it is being practiced as an impersonal activity. It is practiced as though it does not happen very often and when it does it is an event that is well remembered.

Introspection is the art of listening within.

I made a habit of listening within throughout my life. From my earliest memory I felt comfortable talking to the divine being at the center of my spirit, my soul, my body, my mind. "We" are friends!

From my earliest recollection "god" is a personal friend with whom I share all of my dreams and experiences - "he" is interested in me and cares about what I tell "him" and "he" does not judge or advise me to do things differently than I have chosen to do them, rather "he" is an objective unconditionally loving sharer as me.

This personal relationship with the divine in me has made my life a great source of pleasure. Everyone in my life is a great joy to me. It is not a matter of a "god" distant from me and uninterested in me; "god" likes me just the way I am. "We" have talks and in my conversations with "god" as "god" I am one and close to a very good and dear friend. Because of this friendship and because of the concept that the divine in me is me as me I live in oneness with and as this divine that I also call god. Putting god in quotes and the impersonal pronoun in quotes reflects the attitude of the world that the divine is separate and different from me. I believe god and I is one and my oneness shows itself in my oneness with and as all of my relative creation. In this practical "relationship" with and as my divineself I find sharing and conversing with myself quite ordinary and certainly normal. I love this "relationship" and again how can I have a relationship with myself? There is only one. This is why I call my relationship oneness and my conversation with the divine I am a monologue, me talking to myself and having a rewarding fulfilling action.

It is practical for me to be in introspection every moment of my life. I do not go in and out of introspection. I live in introspection and in this consciousness the entire world is exciting because I see it through the eyes of this purity and integrity. No matter what area I may want to think about, my divineself knows the direction. The solution is clearly evident to me and I am satisfied with the result the divine as me comes up with.

For decades I lived with the concept: How would I as god respond? Moving from this center my response is always revealing and rewarding. Living in this center I always feel that I am both doing the right thing and doing it in the right way; doing it for the right purpose. I have no doubt that following my inward leading I leap into a sense of intention and direction - brand new in that moment.

Friends ask me why I am such a happy guy? I can only respond that I say to myself constantly: I like me. I am divine order. I am peace. Living from this premise I have a circle of bliss as my constant companion. I live in the state of awareness of the divine in me as me. It truly is a great awareness and a noble way to live.

I like me. I like my divineself. I like who and what I am. I like everything in my world. I created everything in my world and all is good and very good.

For me to converse with my divineself is as common as it is for me to sing as I walk through life. For me to dwell in a conversation with the divine I am is as normal as washing my face or brushing my teeth. I am one and in this oneness all is familiar and comfortable for me. When I sing I do not consider the words, the divine in me lets them flow from my heart and the music delights me. It is for me alone.

I can share my happiness but I share this happiness only as a bubble bursting out of my inner bliss, which is forever enfolding me and everything I am, everything I say, and everything I do.

I like me. I am divine order. I am peace. These phrases are so vital and dynamic that they turn on all the "physical" switches in my body to release great energy - infinite power; I am as a whirlwind roaring through the canyons of my life. Living in this awareness - perhaps more unawareness - I am careful not to overwhelm others with who I am. My objective is being me and having fun, not impressing the world with the dynamo I am.

The art of introspection is perfected as I talk to my divineself as I would talk with myself. I talk with myself confidently and lovingly. I talk with myself with selfassurance, yet not privately and secretly. As I share with myself confidentially I am illumined by the brightness of who I am and the lovely light which surrounds me.

During seminars in which I conduct the three-hour-mediation as a part of the seminar program, the first hour is "I am god, god I am, or I like me or I am divine order - and others." During the second hour I describe how I interact with the divine in me saying, "Why I can say I am god." This second hour is a fun time filled with all sorts of joyous ideas concluding with the feeling that I am god. With much hilarity I revel the participants with the happiness of such thinking. All sense this joy and sincerity.

The third hour is the most revealing. I make it an expression of how I and my divineself converse and interact over methods of listening within, methods of tuning into the grandness of the allness and methods of being one in and as myself and my divineself. As I banter with my divineself the seminar listeners get more excited than ever before in the possibility for them to have a similar encounter, for them to be so "friendly" with their divinity, their god presence.

All of this happens very rapidly. If it interests you, the seminar is found in the archives under seminars and under the theme "10,000 Brain Stem Cells Born In Us Daily - Eternally." All of the lectures are there and most of the three-hour-meditations are there by hour one, two and three. The third hour is the introspection hour that I have just been speaking about.

The samples I give to students and participants and it is NOT how each is supposed to do the meditation. The meditation should be done privately and personally. The meditation is for oneself and not as a show as it appears during the seminar presentation to allow it to be described as inviting and fun.

As these things appeal to you, plan to attend a seminar including the three-hour-meditation or ask for the pamphlet The Three-Hour-Meditation. All of the instructions are included there. The reward from following the three-hour-meditation is priceless.

Introspection takes practice but it is fun, exciting and revealing.

 —Dr Herbert L Beierle