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Summer 2008

GIST Magazine
The Absolute Monastery monks were given brand new cuddly blankets from Brookstone-and with each blanket came a snuggly soft-white Teddy Bear.

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I Am Ideal Spirit Mind And Body

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God's Pocket - Summer 2008 Issue

I Am Ideal Spirit Mind And Body

HerbI AM IDEAL SPIRIT mind and body. This simple statement stands for a powerful condition and cannot be enlarged upon. It is the ultimate of the ultimate and the fulfillment of all.

When I say I am something, I put a cause in motion to experience that for which I am speaking--the I AM. This term cannot be belittled or enlarged upon; it is all. So when I say I am ideal, I am all that which ideal means: perfect expression of that which it is.

I now have a simple phrase to speak and think and live my life by. I chose a phrase, which includes every possibility, every reality and my own every moment dream.

The phrase, which fulfills this desire, is simply put: I Am Ideal Spirit Mind and Body.

As I speak this group of words I cover all of my ways of thinking and include every course of my human, mental and divine beingness.

I take this phrase from its abstract expression and make it an affirmation, which I speak and dwell upon continually. I make it a concept in my mind which comes up again and again and which I use to describe who and what I really am and how I conceive of myself.

I thoughtfully cover my ideal spirit, my ideal mind and my ideal body. While I never will understand what these three words mean, they cover all aspects of me and who I am as I understand myself to be.

Finally I posit the concept that I AM is me and I am it now.

This phrase is expressing and living now my reality, the truth about myself, my allness: I Am IDEAL Spirit Mind and Body Now!

 —Dr Herbert L Beierle