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Summer 2008

GIST Magazine
The Absolute Monastery monks were given brand new cuddly blankets from Brookstone-and with each blanket came a snuggly soft-white Teddy Bear.

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Practitioner Letter - Summer 2008 Issue

I Am In Control

TO BE IN control of my attitude and my thinking is a familiar concept to me. I know thoughts are things and I know that my attitude determines the kind of thoughts I think about. The control really is in my every moment choice of what I want to think about, of what I want to empower in my life - and to be able to instantly put a new cause into motion. On the other hand, so at least I thought for a long time, dreams are not under my direct control, as they seem to reflect a rather general attitude of my state of mind - happy, confused, harmonious - until I learned and understood that I am always in control, and able to change a dream while happening, just as I am able to put a new cause into motion in my awake state.

I wasn’t convinced though until one night I woke up from a frightening dream, and remembering my control, told myself instantly that I am going back to the same dream and see it dissolving harmoniously. In just a moment I slipped back into the same situation that woke me up. I found myself inside the same huge, dark and empty hall - just me, somehow forlorn waiting in a tiny little side room. Again I heard the footsteps of a man, heavily resounding in the empty hall, approaching my little room. In my first dream I had this overwhelming feeling that he was out to hurt me. Now here I was again and again I heard the footsteps fast approaching. But this time I just calmly listened to the steps approaching that are now right in front of my door - but instead of my door being opened, the steps pass my door and slowly disappear in the distance. When I woke up in the morning I clearly remembered my two- phase dream and I was proud that I had the courage to go back and face my fear which proved totally unnecessary.

I do not have to practice dream control often any more, especially after I started using the affirmation my bed is my cradle of happy dreams and happy thoughts, as this puts my mind in a state of harmony and peace.

Another fun aspect of dreaming I discovered a couple of weeks ago when we each got a lovely cuddle blanket and with it a beautiful, soft teddy bear. We thought it would be lovely to give them a name, but for me nothing seemed to fit, so I casually said that I will have a dream in which the name I wanted would appear. When I woke up the next morning the dream I had was still vividly in my mind.

I was sitting on a high stool with my other friends of the Monastery, at what seemed to be a bar, but without bottles or glasses visible. Everything was white and a lady was standing behind the bar asking each of us what name we had chosen for our teddy bear. My mind was still blank when the lady looked at me, yet exactly in that moment I looked up and saw on a shelf behind her head a lone white Styrofoam cup and with a cursive, slanted writing the name Delina on it. I looked at the lady and said: Delina is her name.

Well, Delina was a name that I have never heard before, but that’s what I saw in my dream and even now I can see the cup with the writing in my mind’s eye as clear as if it would stand right before me. And so her name is Delina. I looked over to my teddy bear sitting on the easy chair right next to me and asked in my mind: You like this name, is it OK? She pensively looked at me and I heard her saying, yes it is a beautiful special name, but I also like the nickname you call me sometimes. Oh, I said, OK, so your name is Delina, Nuggeli, Teddy Bear. This time she just smiled contentedly. You say, Oh, that is just imagination - fairy tale stuff - talking to a teddy bear!! Yes, I say, it is true - and isn’t it fun!

Going through my day I often thought of this dream and thought to myself, maybe, just maybe I should ask more questions before I go to bed and have them answered so easily and effortlessly. How about the numbers of the California Lottery - just a thought!

What I really learned from this dream is that control is actually easy - it is putting a cause into motion with an onepointed direction and let go and let it fulfill itself.

—Dr Sylvia M Enz