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Summer 2008

GIST Magazine
The Absolute Monastery monks were given brand new cuddly blankets from Brookstone-and with each blanket came a snuggly soft-white Teddy Bear.

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Ingeborg - Summer 2008 Issue

Happy Birthday Celebration

EACH MORNING, UPON awakening, I imagine how the sun moves precisely on its westerly path around the earth day by day. The mighty sunrays shine and shine regardless of the thick clouds and fog beneath it.

At the same time I affirm lovingly to myself: I like me, I like me, I like me and I have a joyful feeling of living in a wonderful harmonious world according to what I imagine.

After getting up I reveal to myself the reflection of a sparkling happy face in the mirror. I realize that I see in it the true reflection of my pure consciousness. This is a marvelous uplifting moment for me.

Now I say to myself with a big smile: I am whole and perfect, in spirit, mind and body. I live in an ideal, dynamic, vital, healthy body.

I understand that I can rightfully use the word intangible for the meaning of an affirmation and for the smile on my face, which seems to come from the marvelous divine temple in which I live NOW.

Looking again in the mirror, I take a deep breath and lovingly say to myself: Keep smiling. I believe and am convinced that with a smile, I call forth harmony and divine order in the world about me.

The encouragement of saying keep smiling is a gentle invitation I offer to anyone I meet. I lovingly give it to the helpful employees at the local Post Office. The result is, that for the questions I have, I receive the answer with expertise and kindness.

Any kind of an uplifting, warm smile from within is a precious tool changing every quandry to a peaceful outcome.

I like me and enjoy the wonderful effect as I treat every person and creature smilingly with unconditional love.

—Dr Ingeborg Puchert