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Autumn 2008

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Swiss student Beatrice Enz reads her lesson in the Absolute Monastery garden with Rex at her feet.

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EJ Shares - Autumn 2008 Issue


EllenDURING MY LIFE ON EARTH, I give and receive of who and what I am in thousands of ways. Both actions are my attitude to share. I have fun expressing my unlimited inner wealth. I unrestrictedly take from the treasure box of the divine source within me my most precious gift-my thought-blessings. I plant these invisible unknown seeds in my world.

Receiving presents is just as enjoyable as giving them for I accept all-nonjudgmentally and unconditionally. When a gift is unreservedly given to me, I know it is mine allowing me to enjoy it with no strings attached. This means I can even give the gift further to someone. I may dispose of my new possession, my choice! Unconditional giving and receiving knows no comparison, no right, and no wrong. It is me-it feels good.

Three brothers left home and became independently wealthy. One day they met and talked about the gifts each had shared with their mother.

The first one proudly said: "I built a beautiful villa for mom."

The second one happily proclaimed: "I bought mom a Mercedes 500 and chauffeur of her own."

The third one exclaimed: "That’s nothing! I beat you both. As you know, mom always likes to read in the Bible, but does not see well any longer, I bought her a big parrot, which knows the Bible by heart. I have spent one million dollars to have 12 Jesuits monks teach the bird-which indeed was worth any price. Mom just names the chapter in the Bible and the parrot speaks it all."

Recently their mother sent out her letter of thanks to her three sons. To the first she wrote: "Isaac, the house you had built for me, is much too large. I live only in one room but I have to clean the entire house."

To the second son she wrote: "Moses, I am too old to travel, I like to stay at home. I never use the Mercedes or the chauffeur."

To the third son she wrote: "My dearest, beloved Abraham. You were the only son, who knew how to share sincere joy with your mother: The bird tasted delicious!"

The story may sound strange, yet it reminds me how freeing is true giving-a true divine action. True giving does not receive a thank you letter. Its perfect recompense is in the love of the giver.

Visiting my family in Switzerland, my grandson, 11-year-old Giacomo comes to me with radiant sparkling eyes. He is all mystery. His hands are obviously hiding something behind his back. With one quick magical rush of his hands he brings them in front to lay a tiny package in my lap. Touched by his love, I inquisitively untie the blue shiny ribbon binding a tiny silver box and voilà, what do I see inside cuddled up on a smooth black velvet cushion, a cute little crystal Swaroski teddy bear holding in his arms a red crystal heart. Today the little guy’s black crystal eyes gleam right out at me, now happily sparkling on my work desk. From his allowance Giacomo selects the gift he proudly gives to me. He is a treasure, he is one of my six beloved grand children, each a pure delight.

Giving freely is an art; a natural art and so is receiving. I am open to both without any expectations singing my song of eternal gratefulness, being always open to give and to receive abundantly. I am always learning to give and to receive.

—Dr Ellen Jermini