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Autumn 2008

GIST Magazine
Swiss student Beatrice Enz reads her lesson in the Absolute Monastery garden with Rex at her feet.

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Happy Birthday Celebration


Ingeborg - Autumn 2008 Issue

Happy Birthday Celebration

I LIKE ME. I just had a wonderful party for my 25th birthday of course - I was born in 1925 - the year of my eternal age.

To the birthday party came all the Campus monks and my other friends from all over the world. I hugged and kissed each one of them unconditionally. I like being 25, being a super woman and being appreciative for just for what I am.

The grandest joy came from one of my relatives, who had never before remembered my birthday--in the early morning of my birthday she called me from Italy. We laughed, talked and cried. I felt so good. I jumped for joy.

After the evening dinner I enjoyed the surprise of one candle on a huge chocolate cake with whipped cream and ice cream. The cake was a delight. For the occasion they toasted me with a glass of special sparkling cider.

Golly, I love being a monk - at 25 years of age - and celebrate my birthday in oneness and happiness with all my friends.

I surround myself and my world with my pure white light of love.

—Dr Ingeborg Puchert