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Autumn 2008

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Swiss student Beatrice Enz reads her lesson in the Absolute Monastery garden with Rex at her feet.

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Wild Metaphysicians!

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Serendipity - Autumn 2008 Issue

Wild Metaphysicians!

I HAVE BEEN A metaphysician for 81 years and everyday it is reconfirmed to me that the philosophy of metaphysics is valid. Defined as the ultimate underlying principle or theory that forms the basis of a particular field of knowledge, I take it further, I view metaphysics as the allness field of knowledge itself - awaiting to be revealed.

Metaphysics as a philosophy reaches beyond the obvious, the appearance, and the apparent reality to the unproven and perhaps even unprovable concepts upon which all of life is based.

I give science such a high vote of confidence for its findings and its "proven" knowledge on which so much is based - yet; its findings are but gossamer trappings. As each of these transparent bits of proven knowledge are utilized, it is all too soon forgotten that each of these "proven" bits of knowledge were only a short time ago bits of unproven knowledge over which castles of wisdom were structured. Observation reveals that the foundation of these castles of wisdom lay in the murky field of unstable unproveable and unproven "truth" all of which, once applied, is soon just accepted as valid.

Sounds like I live in a very impractical world, a world which is allowed to be truly realistically observed, would not be able to stand up to the test of the real world.

However, this is just what life is all about. This is what "reality" is all about. This is what both illusion and that which we say is not illusion is all about.

Every scientist essentially is a dreamer. Every man of knowledge finds his knowledge in the fantasy of his thinking and dreaming. Out of this phantasmagorical reality the scientists educes "his" reality which then becomes my reality. In this phantasm are many things constantly changing in an apparently magical mystical manner incomprehensible to the physical senses.

Is there any stability upon which I can posit my assumptions, my convictions, and my reality? If I hypothesize my dream and speak it strong and long enough it will appear to be real. It will appear to be something upon which I can base my deepest convictions.

Happily "scientists" who are also known as "students of knowledge" do dream and do speculate on the validity of their dreams. In this speculation they seek to "prove" their dream has validity or not. They take the fantasy and attempt to put feet under it, attempt to make their fantasy substantial. Surprisingly, with this backside manner of seeking "truth" they find that the incomprehensible concept forms its own foundation and on its own feet walks into all sorts of possibilities for which even in its fantasy it had not visualized this direction for itself.

The Magical Think Tank

IT IS EXCITING to be in the forefront of today’s world. In this leading edge thinkers take a concept and see where it will fit into the world in which it is evolving. Magical concepts have shown forth timelessly throughout time and were not recognized because the moment had not yet come to understand it. As Leonardo da Vinci in his 15th century mystical drawings of a submarine, a diving bell and a helicopter were so early in the conceptualistic theory of "time" that they were not recognized as to how to use them. However, the concept was valid and there. It lies in the purview of later thinkers to utilize its beingness.

What kind of a think tank did the master craftsman, master painter, master thinker Leonardo da Vinci have, was he surrounded by genii and the nerds of his day who inspired and encouraged him to think of these amazing discoveries out of time? Quite likely he walked alone. In all my research I have not discovered contemporary great thinkers who dwelt with the master. True he lived in an age of master artisans and skilled men of genius in many fields. But he did not fight the Pope or the Church and its claim to being the seat of all knowledge. He is indeed one of our most amazing scientists, researchers into the wisdom of the universe. He not only is a man of fantasy but the ultimate phantasmagorical thinker of the ages. Each dream, for him, is the foundation of the magic and wisdom, which followed. He let his touch in the field of metaphysics be his reality and so it is.

Dream My
Wildest Dream

I LIKE THE CONCEPT of Einstein as those who heard his theories and contested them with great vehemence even to the point of bitter antagonism, only to have the Genius Einstein proclaim: I believe in my theory. If you do not believe in my theory, prove it wrong. If you cannot prove it wrong then it must be right. I will not waste my time on proving what I believe; rather I use what I believe as the springboard to new and more exciting theories.

Einstein is truly the ultimate consummate metaphysician.

Metaphysicians today have their ilk surrounding them, inspiring them, exciting them as they merge their dreams in the think tanks of today to open doorways unbelievable.

I dwell in the mystical magical marvelous metaphysical revelation today offers me. One moment science or wisdom or knowledge tells me that vitamin C is a cure-all for life. The next moment, because it has been used to ill or poor or no effect in certain circumstances, it gets a bad rap. Then, only moments later, it is back in the forefront. Once doomed as an oral benefit, now it is found to be glorified and even vivified as a magnificent service as an intravenous benefit in the retardation and even cure for cancer.

It is the metaphysician in me, in you, in each of us, which is the dreamer, the thinker, the revealer of all wisdom and knowledge, of all utilization of unrevealed possibilities that await our introspective intuitive investigation into the allness of the infinite now.

I have my way and every thought I think, every word I speak, every action I do - every enthusiasm I express - says to me and my world, Dream My Wildest Dream and watch the miracles flood forth in my world - watch my dust!

 —Dr Herbert L Beierle