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Autumn 2008

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Swiss student Beatrice Enz reads her lesson in the Absolute Monastery garden with Rex at her feet.

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God's Pocket - Autumn 2008 Issue

An Amish Miracle

EllenI CAME FACE-TO-FACE with many miracles as I visited the Amish community in Delaware with my nephew-in-law Robert Dunn, an Amish aficionado.

We visited the homes of Amish families whose lives depict integrity, frugality and spirituality. The proof of these virtues was written all over the countenance of the men, women and children and their animals, farms and homes, whom I met. I watched them in interaction with one another, members of their group, and others outside of their group. Under all circumstances they expressed and exuded their trained essence of integrity, frugality and spirituality. To me the most divine expression was in the faces of these people, one and all. They had vitality, gentleness, and innocence unimaginable. It was as though I had entered into a land of everlasting youth, perpetual freshness, and eternality. Each spoke with clarity - a divine voice of the ideal expression of the English language, even though their early years were entirely spent speaking German in their home. Once they were ready for community life, they were guided in speaking English as the most perfect expression of linguistics on the face of the Earth.

The purity of speech and elocution came from the very heart of each dedicated Amish person. True some Amish people allowed themselves to be world-weary by commonality of the use of the language by the outer world about them.

The sincere Amish having no electricity, no television, no radio, nor any other exposure to spoken English than from the training of their home, family, and Amish school - their diction and inflection is impeccable.

Two boys 14 and 16, their father 40ish and their grandmother 60ish were friendly, kidded, and spoke with seriousness of issues at hand, but at all times exuded the purity and innocence of their being. Their radiance and charisma made me feel I was in a very special miracle, a land of Amish Miracles practiced and expressed every moment of every day by these remarkable people.

The key to their magic: Every moment of their lives each were trained to be themselves and have fun and know that they are divine - number one!

 —Dr Herbert L Beierle