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Spring 2009

GIST Magazine
Ellen's grandson Mattia Arnoldi Bridge Builder Extra ordinaire on Campus. For ribbon cutting, left to right: Ingeborg, Ellen, Mattia, Herb, Rex, Love, with Sylvia on camera.

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God's Pocket
A Touch Of Balance

My Energy Is Free

EJ Shares
Freedom From Guilt

Practitioner Letter
A Fairytale-or Maybe Not!


EJ Shares - Spring 2009 Issue

Freedom From Guilt

EllenAS A NEWLY MARRIED bride I moved from Germany to live in the charming southern part of Switzerland - beautiful Ticino - I realized that these exciting Italian speaking people have interesting unique habits. They made commitments and expected me to make commitments too which I was not accustomed to doing. It caused me to violate my inner self and build up a sense of guilt in the process.

When I went to town to run errands I met people I had not seen in a long time. We would practically fall over each other with joy and share the latest news about our lives and silly complaints. We talk and talk, forgetting why we came to town. Smile! Hours pass but we must part to rush off to our so important chores.

To bring my conversational sharing to a quick and harmonious end I say reluctantly to my Italian speaking friend: Ciao, ti telefono.

A common response most people do not hold themselves to. With this promise I go my way forgetting the cause I put in motion. This sounds very normal with nothing to it however for me there is one big but. This little episode is an example how guilt subtly slides into my consciousness and burdens my life.

I make a promise - casually I swore to my friend I would call her soon again while really I had no sincere intention to follow up on it. It is nothing else than an excuse to leave, to go on my way.

Guilt comes from all casual and not so casual promises I make - but neglect to follow. This human way of acting becomes a habit and an inharmonious feeling I cannot ignore. The result shows in my attitude about me and my world. I do not like myself and ultimately my body and health suffer the consequence.

I am a divine being. I am a free spirit. I like me. I am in control of my thoughts, words and actions. I know how to live my life in purity and perfection. I am me following each step of my life with honesty and integrity. Then there can be only happiness, freedom.

To proclaim my reality I make affirmations which both guide and sustain me on my loving sharing path.

I am selfdisciplined in making commitments I joyously fulfill. With honesty and integrity I make promises because it is fun.

I like me

—Dr Ellen Jermini