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Spring 2009

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Ellen's grandson Mattia Arnoldi Bridge Builder Extra ordinaire on Campus. For ribbon cutting, left to right: Ingeborg, Ellen, Mattia, Herb, Rex, Love, with Sylvia on camera.

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God's Pocket
A Touch Of Balance

My Energy Is Free

EJ Shares
Freedom From Guilt

Practitioner Letter
A Fairytale-or Maybe Not!


Serendipity - Spring 2009 Issue

My Energy Is Free

I SET MY ENERGY loose in my world. My energy is the only energy that is. My world reflects back what I give out. My energy is free. I use my energy to set the relative law of cause and effect into motion to reveal whatever I think about - now!

It is well and good to say that I am energy and that I set my energy loose in my world as my powerhouse of revelation - but what does this mean? How can I take charge of the energy that I am and point it to the direction of the revelations I desire to express in my universe? Seems to be a most desirable task but an improbable activity.

A technique falls into place when I acknowledge that I have at my disposal thought. I have an infinite number of thoughts that I may be aware of to direct and utilize which implement the "desires" of my heart. The desires of my heart being whatever it is that I think about at any time. I do not think about something that does not exist - I think about that which is and is now!

Being the all I think about all.

It is strange for me to say I think about all when even as I think about it my thinking about one thing alone is quite demanding. It is not demanding because there is so much to think about but rather that my capacity to think of many things at one moment apparently taxes my capacity of comprehension. I have taught myself to think upon-or-over-or-in only one concept in each think because I think of myself as limited. I, again, am the only one who thinks of myself as limited.

Seemingly I must shift gears to include more than one thought in my thinking at any moment and yet all thought already does exist here and now and I am one in and as all these thoughts that exist here and now. There is infinity of thoughts in my thinking and I categorize them to my convenience - ostensibly my convenience is what I am able to comprehend at any moment. All exist at the same moment! Due such a concept there need be no energy to force or empower any thought to be revealed.

I have used the phrase and fallen in love with its objectivity for a long time:

I think my thought and the power of the universe vibrates to manifest it.

Another viewpoint more readily directs my attention to the concept and how principle plays its role in revealing all that that already is:

I think my thought
and the universe
reveals it to me

The first phrase places something outside of me.

The second phrase puts all within me.

If I were to go to the store and ask for what exists in another store, the shopkeeper would tell me to go elsewhere.

So principle reveals to me whatever it is that I choose to claim for myself and has no judgment of it’s being either beneficial or non-beneficial. As for all thought I determine to consider whether I choose to experience one thought or another thought, sans value.

Energy is thought, thought is energy; energy is revelation, revelation is energy - expressing in the now.

I sometimes think of energy as enthusiasm. I am bubbling over with enthusiasm and this eagerness blinds me to the realization that what I desire is not presently before me. I live in the attitude that what I think about is real and exists before me now. I live in the presence of a revealed experience. As I live in the experience of a revealed experience my mind and heart are open to seeing it in the now and knowing that is not a "to be" thing but it is a "real thing" now.

Now the art for me is to teach myself by the practice of knowing that all already is and that all time and space are here and now - hence my choice for myself is revealed and accomplished.

I, as a dreamer, live in the consciousness of my dream being manifest in my day-to-day experience. I am so one in and as this revelation that it is done.

What is it that makes great visionaries, philosophers, political and business genii able to "hold in there" in the timelessness to see their choice revealed, even while at a moment it appears not to be manifest? This invisible something in these beings of consequence is magic to many, but a "way of life" to those who dream in the now even though "time" must pass before their excitement for living, a rock solid thing available to anyone to touch it and know of its substance.

I cannot give another this magic. I may look at life and see this magic demonstrated every minute of every day if I will open my eyes.

In this training I condition myself to believe and experience and know that it is done unto me in the timeless now.

I Think My Thought
And The Universe
Reveals It As Me

I think my thought and the universe reveals it as me - this is a statement that brings instant results. It does not matter whether I believe it or not, or whether others believe it or not, it is who I am now.

This is all that matters to me.

I put the concept of my desire into motion and I am fulfilled.

I live in my healthy body. I am Adonis ideal spirit mind and body. I like me. I am divine order.

I talk about my body as though it were that which I desire it to be. It would be too easy to talk about my body as though it had the maladies that previously I created in my world - but today is a new day! Today is a new beginning. Today is a new me emerging from out of the old chaos which had previously been my way of thinking about myself and my body. I let go of the chaotic past and live in the ideal present. I live in my original concept of me, my original purity and integrity, and I live in it right now.

Living and talking in and about my body which I now create in and for myself is a new direction for my thinking.

I can do it!

I want to do it!

I will do it! I do it now.

My, oh, my - this is a good feeling. This is a magical feeling. This is the feeling for which I am born.

I look at my eyes, ears, nose, heart, lungs, nervous system, circulation system, head to toe, I look at me and see me the ideal me. I have never consciously seen me this way before so it takes a little doing for me to think of the ideal body which I am.

To begin with I set my sights on an ideal body - what do I think that an ideal body is? How do I enumerate what is in an ideal body?

I train myself to see my ideal complexion. I look at a baby’s body and recognize that there is a great example for an ideal complexion. So smooth, so soft, so firm, so perfect in every way. I look and feel a baby’s touch and recognize this is an uncomplicated touch of a peaceful being. The touch of innocence, the touch of curiosity, the touch of love. As I dwell in this consciousness, in this awareness, I find that I am this!

Bam! Wow! What a wake-up call!

Whatever I think about I am. Whatever I concentrate on I am. I like the purity of a baby’s body and being. I emulate that I think about that. I am ready for that. I think my thought and the universe reveals it is me already.

The universe reveals it to me in that upon which I think I am. So I think about only the experience I choose to have in my life. I think, by my choice, on the highest and best I can conceive for myself and it is accomplished, it is fulfilled, it always was and now it is revealed in me.


Babies are surrounded by babies.

Young people are surrounded by young people.

All ages surround themselves with people of their own age.

The aged surround themselves with the aged.

So it is natural that as each conceives of themselves of any age and surround themselves with those of that age they will emulate that with which they surround themselves.

It is not always convenient or easy to surround myself with dynamic vital alive beings because historically I have surrounded myself with people who are a reflection of what I believe about myself.

Now is the time to make a move in consciousness and surround myself with beings that are a reflection of what I really am and what I fully desire of myself.

I do this by first seeing myself in my ideal mode. Then I surround myself with the image I hold of myself. I only see other ideal mode beings and each is a vital dynamic alive creation of my thought.

Ipso facto, my body changes as revealed by my thought.

 —Dr Herbert L Beierle