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Spring 2009

GIST Magazine
Ellen's grandson Mattia Arnoldi Bridge Builder Extra ordinaire on Campus. For ribbon cutting, left to right: Ingeborg, Ellen, Mattia, Herb, Rex, Love, with Sylvia on camera.

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God's Pocket
A Touch Of Balance

My Energy Is Free

EJ Shares
Freedom From Guilt

Practitioner Letter
A Fairytale-or Maybe Not!


God's Pocket - Spring 2009 Issue

A Touch Of Balance

EllenBALANCE IS ONE of the exciting aspects of life I sometimes loose sight of in my very busy world.

I was talking with Ingeborg, a Monk here in the Absolute Monastery. I suggested to Ingeborg that if she were to do an exercise regularly and diligently she would improve her balance immeasurably. This naturally stimulated her interest and she was eager to participate.

The exercise is where every time after standing or getting up you hold onto a chair or not and lift your knee level with your body. This is to be done for each foot. Then you "move" your foot to the right and left from three to ten times. If you will do this consistently for one week, your balance will improve to a glorious normal state.

Naturally I have suggested each Monk do the exercise for physical balance - but more - also for mental and spiritual balance.

Even though Monk Ingeborg likes to go out and collect firewood for the fireplace I suggested a programmed physical-mental-spiritual balance program is in order. It is one of her pleasant self chosen duties to do this task any number of times during the day so we may enjoy a blazing fire at breakfast, at lunch and dinner. These glorious fires are greatly appreciated by all of the monks as they stand and ceremoniously warm their hands before the blazing fire.

Ingeborg picking up sticks and logs for the fire daily helps her be in the peak of balance. However, the definite lifting of the knee and moving the legs in a disciplined manner have a far reaching effect into the inner mind and spirit as it is done.

As I encourage each Monk to do this I can instantly tell whether they are sincere or not. As they are sincere they have the capacity to be untouched by anything in the outer and as they progress, anything on the inner, relying alone on the divine self within.

 —Dr Herbert L Beierle