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Winter 2009

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EJ Shares - Winter 2009 Issue

Now Is The Right Moment

EllenOFTEN IT HAPPENS, an exciting idea inspires me to go for something new. A thrilling divinely guided moment! I embrace the world; I am geared up to do everything I hear from within and make any change in my daily routine. So I sign up for computer school, learn a foreign language, take dancing lessons, learn an instrument or am motivated as I participate in spiritual illuminating seminars.

 This happened to Bernadette as she participated in a Master Seminar of the University of Healing. She said, "I was ready for a positive, happy, newly directed life," as she came to the seminar. With thrilling eagerness and great dedication she listened to the informative and spiritually revealing talks the Dean, Dr Herbert L Beierle, shared with the School of the Master seminar group.

 "I got it," she enthusiastically shouted at the end of the seminar. "I have found the inner spark for which I have so long searched."

 With unquestioning choice, she made an adventurous decision; she signed up for the undergraduate correspondence course of the University of Healing, The Art & Science of Wholeness, and she paid the tuition in full. Her intention to make a change in life was clear. But, as was her custom, she let physical tempting opportunities distract even her sincere plan. Then she pretended to forget. She found an excuse not to follow that what a moment before was her inner most important dream.

 Two decades slipped by.

 Bernadette called the UNI to exclaim: "HURRAY, Now is the right moment, NOW!" She was ready to follow her magical dream of spiritual awareness.

 "Enough," her voice sang over the telephone as she sat on her bed in Switzerland bed getting ready for sleep. It was morning in California on the UNI campus as she commanded of herself: “Ellen, tell me how do I do the courses, how do I write the 30 lessons, the three tape reviews, the four book reviews and the thesis. Show me! Explain it to me . . . I want to do it right now and I want to do it right. I am ready!"

 I delighted in Bernadette’s decision and rejoiced with her in her return to her spiritual choice.

"Ellen," she whispered, "I remember how I was surprised you chose to leave your lovely home, your wealth and your friends for your one hundred percent walking your spiritual path. We sat in your huge Swiss mansion in Breganzona where you held my Seminar. You were leaving town. We met in the almost unfurnished vacant rooms. However, there was a glow, a vibration, a special atmosphere! I still live in the breathtaking panoramic view over the snow peaked mountains surrounding the Lake of Lugano from the windows and balcony of your home".

 "I thought you were crazy leaving such glory, such affluence, such a heavenly place. I soon understood that you lived the spark of life you found in yourself. You told me how at that time you were taking the courses of the University of Healing and how challenging it could have been while you were traveling between seminars throughout Europe with Dr Beierle as his translator. Your lessons, however, were your priority and you read them three times daily, regardless that your schedule asked for other things of your time.

 "I remember so well you telling me about reading your lessons as you drove over Switzerland and Germany, through the long great tunnels which should have turned off the light from the lines in your book, but they were illumined magically before your very eyes. Wow, that was great for me to hear and know!"

 The UNI has many students around the world. Many who are as distracted as Bernadette had been. It is equally beautiful how after months, years and sometimes decades they return masterfully to complete their spiritual studies.
      To all I say: Now is the right moment!

—Dr Ellen Jermini