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Winter 2009

GIST Magazine "Please Come Home Fidelio"
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Practitioner Letter - Winter 2009 Issue

Just A Simple Dream

Looking around in the brand new kitchen of the Bandi home, I see a cat bowl with food and water in one corner, but no cat. Yanick, the nine year old son of Barbara and Philippe, notices my questioning glance and a shadow of sadness darkens his radiantly happy face. "This is for Fidelio our cat," he explains. "We are waiting for him to come home, because when we moved here, he escaped and we have not seen him since. It is now two months. We have put up flyers everywhere, but nobody has found him, and the rain and the wind have blown away the flyers."

Alicia, the five year old, comes running in excitedly saying that the neighbor cat tried to get in through the door with her, and she had to tell him very strongly that this is Fidelio’s home and only he has the right to enter the house.

In the evening saying good night to Alicia, I laughingly ask her if she knows already what she is going to dream about. "No, of course not," she says, chidingly looking at me for asking such a silly question.

In the morning though, she remembers my question and looking up from her cereal bowl, she casually says, "I now know what I was dreaming. I saw Grandma who waved and laughed at me and then suddenly Fidelio was here again."

When I went over to my brother’s house, my sister-in-law, Beatrice, who is Alicia’s Grandma, gets up suddenly from her chair and walks out to the porch. She waves and laughs up to Alicia who walks by on the street above. For a moment Alicia pauses and waves back and right at this moment a car stops next to her. A man gets out and asks her to look at the cat in the passenger seat and to tell him if it is the one they are missing—and so—suddenly Fidelio is back home again.

For a short, crazy moment I have the feeling that I am in a dream as I see Alicia’s story playing itself out in front of my eyes.

How did she know? How could she know? But yes, of course, she does know. For her all time is now. What we call past, future, present—is all NOW, right NOW. As Alicia is in tune, time as an illusion does not limit her vision.

What an awesome state of consciousness!

—Dr Sylvia M Enz