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Winter 2009

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The Inner Teacher


Ingeborg - Winter 2009 Issue

The Inner Teacher

With a happy heart I am ready for a meditation walk. The sun is shining and the wind is blowing as I step out of the garage door, I notice a small ball of dry grass laying in the midst of the green grass.

I pick it up and holding it in my hand. I instantly experience, from within, perfect balance. I feel from within the wonderful amazement of peace.

This kind of balance tells me that it is the result of the work of some small birds  following  diligently the suggestions of their “inner teacher” in building their nest.  Without knowing that universal omniscience talked to them. That inner teacher builds bird’s nests being perfectly aware of the divine principals of architecture. In unconditional love and a gently convincing tone, with my thought I happily guide the small birds in performing masterfully the external wall of the nest.

The bird collects the most suitable and shining tiny twigs and joins skillfully one with the other and the solid wall of the nest is done.

In the interior wall of the nest I see deposited tiny, fluffy pieces of a soft cozy material.

In meditation I believe in myself and affirm the miraculous statement of saying loud to myself : “I like me, I like me”, ”I am god, god I am.” “I am the creator of my world.” With these affirmations I totally rely on the words of the divine presence, omniscience and wisdom in me.

I know the divine presence works with infinite universal energy in bringing forth idea by idea in the relative world. The divine master creator, as the “teacher within” freely transmits mentally, without books, this knowledge in guiding whoever, human or animal being,  whoever is ready to listen to it.

The adventure of the bird’s nest is a highlight demonstration that every human being or animal is blessed with as the inborn ability of being receptive to the ideas and instructions of the universal wisdom at any time.

In connection with the creation of the bird’s nest I see astonishing mutual similarity of attraction being present in all human and animal beings. Male and female beings show unconditional love for each other and for the proliferation of the species. They all feel from within the urge for forming a family at the most suitable time and weather condition of the year and take loving care of their offspring, even of diverse kinds.

Listening within is one of the grandest loving adventure.

 I think that for the genius it is obvious that it is important in being persistent in applying successfully even outrageous or impossible ideas.


—Dr Ingeborg Puchert