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Winter 2009

GIST Magazine "Please Come Home Fidelio"
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Not Everyone Can Win!

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God's Pocket - Winter 2009 Issue

Not Everyone Can Win!

EllenTHIS ENIGMATIC statement captures me as I seek to come in first in any event in life. The Olympic Contes-tant seeks to win by preparation and programming. Of all the candidates for each trophy only one will go home with top honors in their class.

 What is it that makes a winner?

 A winner is an enisle.

 A winner is one who likes himself. He has fun being himself. It does not matter to the "leader of the pack" what the rest of the pack is doing or where he is in the position of the pack: he is the leader. As the leader he does not look from side to side, from front to back, he only looks at where he stands in the "race" in which he is the only contestant. A winner competes with himself alone.

 The leader, the winner, the head of the pack has sorted out his priorities before the contest, before the race, before the event: he is clearly the only one that counts. All other players are in the game to amuse whatever spectators there may be. The leader of the pack races to win the event, which he has already done mentally and physically.

 That is the only thing that matters to him.

The winner has mental, social, spiritual and physical blinders on his awareness, which allows him to see the "race" or "event" as already completed, he purely puts his evidential self, his physical self in the winner’s circle—victor victorious!

 As I do this in all the experiences in my life I demonstrate to my world my skillful leadership, my winning capacity, my masterful expression of being the head of any event—winner par excellent.

 —Dr Herbert L Beierle