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Spring 2010

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God's Pocket
And The Rains Came

Live A Long Happy Life

EJ Shares
Who Is There To Blame

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EJ Shares - Spring 2010 Issue

Who Is There To Blame

EllenI LIVE IN A WORLD of energy—of great power. This energy is everywhere present, in, as and around me; in fact this energy I call god.

God is omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent, unlimited in being, regardless how it expresses itself. It is! It is everything in and around this universe.

I am that energy that power, god. I am the unlimitedness. I have the capacity to do anything—as the great Master Jesus said: You can do anything I do and even greater things.

As I have and am that unlimited energy, (and so is everyone else) I am god personified—just like the Master teacher—able to use the infinite omnipresent power. Consequently I am the creator of my world, of my life, of every experience. What-ever I encounter I have revealed by the onepointed power of my thought.

In the gospel of John are these wise thoughtful statements:

In the beginning was word
And word was with god
And word was god
And word was made flesh…

…and the creation story continues.

Prior to my spoken word is my thought, which brings forth my experience. Who then is to blame when I am a successful person? Who then is to blame when I have happy relationships? Who then is to blame when I am rich, healthy, happy, fulfilled in every way? I—me alone! This is very rewarding so long as my life is just the way I like it. I can tap myself on the shoulder and say: What a good creator am I. What a beneficial thinker I am!

However, what if this is not the case and my life reflects less than goodness? Who then is to blame?

The other day California experienced unusual stormy weather. For a moment I looked into the dark turbulent sky and then I decided to take on my divine role: being god. Being god I act as god would act always creating. Remembering that I am all power I take responsibility for who I am. So in a gentle but definite tone I announced to the sky: Peace, Peace, Peace! And peace reigned.

Though the weather forecast announced more drama for the following days, I saw, lived and experienced Peace! The wind stopped being gusty. The rain slowed down to a gentle sprinkle, its nature for me and my great enjoyment.

I can easily blame an outside power for my apparent inability in being helpless toward nature and call it an uncontrollable ACT OF GOD. Webster’s Dictionary defines an ACT OF GOD as an extraordinary interruption by a natural cause as a flood, an earthquake of the usual course of events that experience, prescience, or care cannot reasonably foresee or prevent.

Nothing in this world happens by chance or by a power other than the power of my thought or my consciousness, individually or collectively—I alone am responsible.

I have the great privilege to realize how important I AM in my world—as its creator, as the manifestor, as the revealer of my life. As god I am able to enjoy everything by being aware of my thoughts, words and deeds. I am the only one to blame for all that I experience from my happy heart, from my happy attitude, and from my every moment is by my conscious choice.

In this way I live up to the great role model Jesus lived who said: the last enemy we have to overcome is death—meaning dying to my human limitations and to ascend to my reality of being divine, being god.

Who is there to blame—always in all ways I as god the thinker, the creator and revealer of my life, my exciting world in my fascinating playground.

—Dr Ellen Jermini