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Spring 2010

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Practitioner Letter
Ideal Is Beyond Specification


Practitioner Letter - Spring 2010 Issue

Ideal Is Beyond Specification

LISA AND BOB ARE looking for a new house—bigger and close to schools—for obvious reasons! Bob, familiar with positive thinking affirmed to himself—we have the ideal home now! Not an hour passed when a friend at the office told him about a house in his neighborhood. After work he went to look at it. Walking through it, he kept on smiling to himself, "this is ideal—I love it!" The next day he came back with Lisa—only to hear that the house had been sold! It took Bob a day or two to release the idea, that this HAD BEEN the ideal home—and he released it with the recognition that if they did not get it—it simply was not the ideal house for them after all. Once released, the ideal home came to them in a most unusual way—because they were open for the ideal without specifying it out of their possibility.

Ronald worked for the UNI for some short weeks as an independent contractor. Living in San Diego, he soon fell in love with the high desert land around Campo and declared that he wanted to buy an acre of land to settle down in this rural quiet area. "How should I go about it," he asks. I tell him to be open for ALL possibilities and not limit his dream on one specific place, by saying, "I have the ideal property"—and the ideal property will manifest. Soon thereafter he came to work for a last time and announced himself with delight as the proud owner of the ideal property in Arizona. He found it after spontaneously following up on an invitation of an old friend, which he had put off for several months.

Barbara and Philippe moved from a small apartment with cozy but tiny rooms to a new condominium with big, open spaced rooms, which desperately asked for new furniture. They fell in love with a chic but practical seating arrangement and reluctantly accepted the two+ months delivery time. Then, finally it arrived—and it was the wrong one! Barbara was pretty upset and angrily sat down at the computer to write a letter of complaint. She did not find the right words—so she postponed it for after work in the evening. When she and Philippe came home they looked at their living room without anger or judgment and had to admit, that actually the sofa fitted beautifully along the huge living room wall. They took out the measure and calculated how the originally chosen corner sofa would look like. In astonishment they recognized that it would have been way too small, and would have looked lost in the big space of the living room. Naturally, they decided to keep the "wrong" one, for it proved to be the ideal one. Barbara did not consciously put a cause into motion for the ideal sofa, but each time she looked at the empty living room wall, she saw it with the ideal, perfect sofa—because the sofa had become a concept, as she did not remember its specifications.

How did they all get the ideal solution in their life? By getting their limited thinking out of the divine circuits and letting the divine intelligence in, as and through them speak to their intuitive awareness—and as they followed it without judgment, their desires manifested themselves harmoniously.

Yes, I get the message! These examples are manifestations of "things" but can I conceive of what happens with my body and mind and spiritual awareness if I confirm it as ideal, without specification. It is the same principle! So I say and know, I am ideal, spirit, mind and body!

—Dr Sylvia M Enz