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Spring 2010

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Live A Long Happy Life

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Serendipity - Spring 2010 Issue

Live A Long Happy Life

HOW SILLY IT seems as I look at the lives of some of my friends and I see them living their lives in unhappiness and expected dread.

They go out of their homes and glance at the weather and say to themselves, this is terrible weather and dangerous for driving.

They gossip with family, friends and neighbors about something that might happen and then are surprised that it happens. They put the cause in motion for it to take place.

In saying these things I am not pretending I am better than my peers. For me to even recognize what they are doing means that I am doing it too. Really! For me to be aware another is putting negative causes in motion, I am putting negative causes in motion just as surely as if I too were mouthing them—for I am thinking the thoughts!

I choose to live a long happy life and I choose to live a long happy life by being master of my thinking—starting right now.

Even in writing about such a thing I empower it in my thinking. I choose to empower in my thinking thoughts of a long happy life filled with uplifting thoughts, filled with harmonious thoughts, filled with thoughts of life and peace—all specifically by my unique choice.

It is so easy to caution myself when I see inclement weather and prepare myself for the worst.

Rather, I always say:

ME: I surround myself with MY pure white light of love.
ME: All my ways are peace and all my paths are pleasantness.
MY CAR: I surround my car with my pure white light of love and all its ways are peace and all its paths are pleasantness.
MY CAR: My way is open before me.

With great enthusiasm I take charge of my thoughts, my words and my actions. I decide to be master of even the tiniest thought in my mind for it has infinite power to manifest itself. I make sure that this thought says what I want to say about myself. I am completely in charge of my thought system and direct every "guest thought" in my brain, in my mind and inform each thought who and what I am and who and what I think and how and when I act—I am master of me.

My world is finite
and infinite!

My universe is the unique atom of now and the limitlessness of space. In all I am in charge of what happens anywhere. It is a great joy to be such a glorious master of my thinking and my thought, my action and reaction, my oneness and my allness.

I choose to live a long happy life by my being diligent of my thought world. I choose to live a long happy life by my dedication to knowing and being that I am. I choose to live a long and happy life by being determined to open my heart to unconditional love at all times. I choose to live a long and happy life by being disciplined in being myself and having fun—living the reality of who and what I am.

The world may advise me that I am ill but I affirm my wholeness. My doctors may see symptoms in me—as I had seen them—but I am untouched by such illusions. My wallet may tell me it is flat but I do not endorse such an illusion, I see my billfold overflowing with infinite ever present abundance. The world I read about may appear to be in violence and conflict—but—for my eyes the world is harmonious, peaceful and balanced. I am the creator of the allness, which I am now and always.

I Claim Life’s Best
And It Is Mine

I am in the process of preparing the Absolute Monastery for more monks.

The Monastery grounds are ready with our six houses, four retreats, miles of meditation paths, daily lectures and seminars with their uplifting topics and lovely recreational features with the swimming pool, Jacuzzis, Swimex, exercise devices and 104 acres of mountain fastness to attract anyone to this pristine site.

It is not out of order to call this paradise revealed!

Many times people use a Monastery as an escape from life and its problems. This must not be the case for our monks because the harder they are to “run away” the quicker I am to close in on them with their problem or problems—there is no escape from being yourself and having fun here at the Monastery.

I am asked, "Being myself and having fun?" That is neat. It would seem that to be myself and do all of those things which delight me—and in having FUN all of the time, what could be more wonderful.

Actually what could be more wonderful is to truly be myself and have fun. When I am myself I am living up to my highest and best and having fun means that I like what I do, totally, unambiguously. I unequivocally—allowing for no doubt or misinterpretation—live entirely in praise. Wow, what a way to go! This is the place to be!

Living in such a Monastery would be the highest reward I could give to myself.

The Absolute Monastery is for students of the University of Healing and the University of Philosophy. Students of the UNIs are well aware of the philosophy taught here. The philosophy is one of unconditional love. Nowhere on Earth is the philosophy of unconditional love taught and practiced so assiduously as here at the Monastery in Campo California. We are undeviating in our effort and care to walk the talk, live what we believe, practice untiringly a positive attitude toward all aspects of life and living.

Students of the UNIs know this and practice this.

One of the most complex themes of students of the UNIs is that of choosing to live in absolute. All have lived in the relative all of their lives and because of this seek out compassion and tolerance for who and what they have been and are expressing at the mo-ment. Empathy has no place in the Absolute Monastery, for empathy allows for saying that appearances are the reality and nothing can be done to change the illusion. Every student of the UNIs finds that they are responsible one hundred percent for every thought, word and action they participate in now and always.

Empathy is weakness, the ability to identify and understand another person’s feelings or difficulties. Empathy is the transference of my feelings and emotions to another being or thing. There is no place for sympathy and understanding of nonresponsibility in my life.

I am fully in charge of everything that happens in my life.

This is the life of the ideal monk in the ideal monastery living its ideal being now.

The Monastery is an organization designed to provide a platform upon which students practice their mastership of themselves and their world. Monks reveal their selfdiscipline, selfreliance, selfdedication, selfdiligence and selfdetermination through their conduct of the functions and practices in the Monastery.

While rules and laws govern organizations, the Absolute Monastery has no rules or laws.

Monks are themselves and have fun. Through unconditional love monks see themselves expressing their ideal nature and see all of "their" creation expressing their or its ideal nature. Living from this point of view each monk delights in himself and in his creation revealing through unconditional love his ideal reality.

Viewing everything from unconditional love and through unconditional love every condition and circumstance is the result of a thought expressed as unconditional love. No law or rule is required to have a circumstance express its highest and best for all involved on the relative basis. This type of living is closest to absolute, insofar as it represents the ideal expression of the relative/absolute life.

It might seem irrational and irresponsible to equate relative and absolute life. Each would appear to be light years from one another; however, it is just the opposite, both are one. Living the “good” relative life and living the "ideal" absolute life are identical.

As I am fully in charge of everything that happens in my life my every thought is based on what I believe to be my highest and best. My every thought is based on what I know as the ideal fulfillment for me. It does not provide for any problem in its revelation only what it is meant to be as its original purity and integrity. Each thought is born out of its first cause, its perfect concept of itself, its ideal self.

So it is that each monk lives in the awareness and fulfillment of its ideal choice of itself. All is expressed now and it is done now.

Every thought every monk thinks manifests itself as its ideal.

Peace, harmony, unconditional love, the ideal expression is revealed.

 —Dr Herbert L Beierle