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Spring 2010

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God's Pocket
And The Rains Came

Live A Long Happy Life

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Who Is There To Blame

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Ideal Is Beyond Specification


God's Pocket - Spring 2010 Issue

And The Rains Came

EllenALL OVER THE world the changing weather conditions make the world unstable from the point of view of expected climate.

Over the years I became accustomed to the environment of Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. I enjoyed these climatic experiences for decades—centuries—and when the normal pattern changes I wonder why!

I have the privilege of historical knowledge, which gives me references for what I can expect. However, it is wise for me to consider as to what is the foundation of my orientation. Unfortunately I was not privy to knowing—actually—why the weather changed from the human habitat point of view. Yet I truly do know and I am sure I am correct.

Number one, humanity (me) worries the weather to pieces while not taking full credit for creating “just” the weather it has brought forth.

Now I am sufficiently psychologically mature to say that thoughts are things and the thoughts I think about the weather are the determining factors of how the climate responds season after season.

Knowing this I define and determine the weather I experience. I bless the world and surround it with my pure white light of unconditional love the world reveals itself in the lovingness of my thought.

Consciously, today, I take charge of my universe, my weather, my climate, and set in motion the experience of the weather I choose.

 —Dr Herbert L Beierle