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Summer 2010

GIST Magazine
Absolute Monastery Monks:
Ingeborg Puchert,
Herbert L Beierle,
Ellen Jermini, Sylvia M Enz

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The Universe Exists In Perpetuity, Hah!

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God's Pocket - Summer 2010 Issue

The Universe Exists In Perpetuity, Hah!

EllenPERPETUITY IS A long time. The universe exists in perpetuity, time without end. This is a silly projection for me to think about, it is something that has no end points.

It is fun to think in timelessness and to think in the relative frame of reference because this is something I can sink my teeth into. Just as there is no perpetuity, no timelessness, no eternity and infinity, so too there is no now. I give myself all sorts of trouble when I try to make a now out of an allness and an allness into a now - it just cannot be done and there is no reason for it to be done.

Our metaphysicians of yore believed that all time and all space are now and here. They had no scientific proof that such an illusion is true, they just knew from their inner self. Science today affirms this.

Today I too know from my inner beingness that all is an illusion, all is timeless and spaceless. However, knowing this does not mean that I as a "creator" cannot create time and space to my pleasure. I can have any illusion or appearance I choose and enjoy it in any manner that delights me. It makes it no more or less true, it will never be an IS, but it is always a figment of my creative talent and I love the game.

The universe exists in perpetuity, hah but my choice!

 —Dr Herbert L Beierle