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Summer 2010

GIST Magazine
Absolute Monastery Monks:
Ingeborg Puchert,
Herbert L Beierle,
Ellen Jermini, Sylvia M Enz

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Ingeborg - Summer 2010 Issue


I say to myself: "I like me, I like me, I like me" and know from the depth of my divine soul that ALL is in divine order and so it is.

I am in harmony with the words I speak and the environment I live in. I know who I am and proclaim: "I am that I am" and consciously I acknowledge: "There is peace on Earth and it began with me".

The sun is a luminous celestial body around which the Earth and other planets revolve. It is the ever-shining ONE light created in the archway of heaven. It supplies to some of the other planets wholeness and light and has a mean distance from the Earth of 93,000,000 miles. Earth is the third planet in order from the Sun with an orbital period of 365.26 days, a diameter of 12,756 km 7,926 mi, and an average distance from the sun of 149,600, 000 km/ 93,000, 000 miles.

In the sunrays I see a meaningful example of unconditional love. They are the only light that shines over the mountains, the oceans and reaches the whole world without exception. Now I understand the true meaning of LIGHT and ILLUMINATION.

There is one indivisible god and its essence represents the omnipresence, omnipotence, omniscience and indivisibility. God; Perfect in power, goodness, wisdom supreme, the ultimate reality and follows the incorporeal principle of order.

Mainly in the warm summer time I have fun as I enjoy taking sunbaths. Our Roman and Greek ancestors practiced sunbathing as they understood it was beneficial for the well being of their body.

In this connection I like to mention that the sunrays supply special nutrients for all growing nature as the little blades of grass, plants, flowers, scrubs and high trees as well as all kinds of tiny or big creatures and wild animals.

Spiritual life is a wonderful experience.

—Dr Ingeborg Puchert