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Summer 2010

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Absolute Monastery Monks:
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It Is Wakeup Time

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Serendipity - Summer 2010 Issue

It Is Wakeup Time

EVERYDAY OF MY life I am faced with making decisions relative to how I am going to live, how I am going to enjoy a healthy body and a healthy mind, and best of all, a healthy world.

Making this choice requires me to be consistent in my thinking and in my attitudes for how I observe the rest of the world. It is always my observation, my attitude, my vision - and my vision changes rapidly and consistently with my individual thought.

So I am responsible for the things I choose to think about. It is as simple and complex as that.

How do I think consistent thoughts, how do I think thoughts that will benefit me in my life? Do I think thoughts as the world about me appears to be, or do I think thoughts according to my own unique imagination, my individual imagination? Habit directs me to think from the past. My imagination encourages me to think from the present, from the uniqueness of the now.

Now what is it that I would like in my life, what is it that I would like to enjoy daily in my life? I decide. I experience it. It is already done and it is what I spend my time thinking about. I could not think about it if it did not already exist.

My Body

MY BODY IS a good place to start in my ideal thinking.

As I have glorious thoughts about my body, my body smiles at me - really! My body loves to be loved. My body loves to be appreciated. My body dotes on an atmosphere of happy thoughts. With happy people it soars in an elated consciousness of great joy. I know this so I allow pure choice thoughts to have a "place" in my thinking. I keep my thoughts always in the state of joyous happiness, which is my reality.

Any moment my body complains I immediately tell my body it is wonderful, I immediately tell my body it is the ideal body and I love it. I allow my mind to dwell on pure thoughts and ideas at all times and because of this my body reflects in itself that which I think about. This is the principle, this is the law, this is the cause I put into motion for the effect, which is my choice and my delight.

If anyone speaks about an unhealthy condition in the world I immediately say the condition is healthy and vital. It may not be the appearance, but as I put the cause in motion for its expression it is the cause and it is the effect I enjoy. It always achieves whatever condition I put in motion for my life and the condition of my mental, physical and spiritual world - my choice - my experience!

I am completely in charge. I am in charge by my thought.

My thought brings into expression in my world who and what I am.

I love myself and my world - all and each of which is my beloved.

In every letter I write in my world I begin by saying: Beloved. Then what follows is what I write to myself, what I write to my beloved. I live in the awareness of belovedness and beloveds. It is such an exciting adventure and such an exciting life that I live from wholeness to wholeness.

Keeping healthy thoughts about my body causes my body to radiate such wholeness, such health, so that it is always in harmony with itself and with its divine purpose. It is vitally important that I am master of my thought. Were I to allow myself to think thoughts contrary to my highest good, contrary to the divine pattern in me I would find that whatever thoughts I allowed in my thinking system, those are the thoughts that will take charge and manifest in my life and experiences. I am fully responsible.

I choose to select the body I live in by maintaining ideal thoughts of my body at all times. I call forth my ideal body. I call forth me body as a perfect expression of a physical being. Constantly I praise my eyes, ears, nose, throat, teeth, tongue and every part of my being. I love me, I love my body and as I love every part of my physical being it shines forth that which I expect of it. I am in love with my body and it is in love with me. My charisma shines out for miles, for an eternity from me and all the world knows who and what I am at all times! It is my mark in and on my world and in and on and through and from me.

As I think about it so having my ideal body is accomplished by my choice, without reservation.

It is so easy it startles me that the entire world is not 100 percent aware of this condition.

My Relationships

I AS A MASTER I use one controlling objective with my relationships: Unconditional Love.

I as a master consciousness am freedom, openness, divine genius and love with the conviction of being myself and having fun. I know perfection already exists; as a master consciousness I expect all is harmony and fulfillment in all areas.

Relationships mean interactions.

How I observe my creation. What I expect of my creation. How my relations, those who are responsive to my desires, and me are the ideal reflection of what I view the "ideal being" to be. Looking at all from this point of view I see how the "world out there - my relationships" are the completed and good expression or mirror of my thoughts and my dreams.

At this moment I become fully aware of how well I control my thoughts and dreams. For relationships are a perfect picture of where and how my vision is demonstrated in the outer of my inner.

I am the dreamer. I ask myself: Do I see my dream a-z done? Do I SEE all aspects of my expectation manifest now, completely polished and revealed to its ideal expression?

So: I see all happy now. I see all satisfied now. I see all living in the fulfillment of my vision for them. I see, indeed, all childhood wishes revealed more magnificently and completely than they ever were even conceived to be. Whoever however wherever are now content and expressing the magic of such a mental attitude.

My Family and Friends

IT IS SO EASY to dismiss my family and my friends in the oneness of the fulfillment of a divine idealism - but actually this is one of the very important aspects of waking up to who and what I am. It is difficult to see family and friends revealed because I have habitually let myself see the illusions, the appearances, the emotional scenery set a picture before me, which only reflects a limited view of the entire picture.

Family and friends should be the easiest illusion for me to bring forth, since ostensibly I am the closest to them, I am closest to their dreams and desires, I am closest to their emotional vibrations which cause me to harmonize with their wildest expectations.

Being so close to others, family and friends notwithstanding, is difficult because I allow a blurred vision of their "not" having their ideal, their dream, and so reinforcing such lack in their experience - and mine! I know this happens and even knowing it I allow it to be an appearance, an illusion, an unreality - but nonetheless - accepted as done!

I have the capacity to perform the magic in my world of viewing all from a totally different perspective. The observable world is as a motion picture. I have the genius to "make" the viewer believe what I want him to believe. I can manipulate the fantasy, I can create the many illusions, I can temper the emotional drama of any event or series of events, I can put color and tone and timing all to my advantage for telling the story I want to tell. I believe what I am doing. My audience believes what I am doing. If for just an instance, I believe the magic of creative story-telling and all react and flow with the epic saga that I alone have created for my own purposes.

It is a neverending story. It is a neverending series of adventures. It is a neverending comedy and tragedy created to make the viewers and myself believe my presentation. And it is as successful as I purposefully make it.

Knowing this I can purposefully make my family and friends in my world as ideally positive or unpredictable. Now the dynamic thing about all of this is: I know what I am doing as I am doing it.

I know what I am doing as I am doing it: beneficial or nonbeneficial. As the director, choreographer, stagecraft designer or actor how I play a role or present the "play" determines how it "comes across" to ME and to my creation. It is not at all difficult. It is simple. It is consistent. It is a beautiful expression of my dynamic self.

Should I desire my family and friends to be the fulfillment of my ideal expectation of them, they are! I know full well my expectations by the results I have from each performance.

My World

WITH UNLIMITED potential I weave my web of magic in my storytelling with whatever theme I desire to have revealed in my world. I am the full master of the events and drama or joy to be displayed.

Because I am so ideally able to "make" any world any happening I choose, it is my privilege to say: There NOW is peace on Earth and it began with me. This statement is a conviction and observation. I say that there NOW is peace on Earth, because I choose to create an Earth enfolded and embraced with peace, love and joy.

I say IT began with me for I am the creator of every experience in my world and Earth is in my world/universe/allness and it began and sustains in my thought, my word and my conviction, it "began" with me!

It will never end for I have thought before the beginning of "time" and I will be thinking into eternity in perpetuity, endlessly and all that I think is good and very good, i.e.; beneficial and very beneficial.

 —Dr Herbert L Beierle