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Autumn 2010

GIST Magazine
Dr Beierle is best man as Daniele and Glenda join hands in marriage July 10th, 2010. Daniele is a student of the UNI and also its webmaster.

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A Name Makes A Difference

I Want Perfection

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God's Pocket - Autumn 2010 Issue

A Name Makes A Difference

EllenMY WORDS HAVE punch to accomplish my choices. Seldom do I recognize this purposefully so much as when I see the results and know it was my choice that that result took place.

Nine years ago I picked up a Miniature Doberman Pincher for a campus pet. The little guy was vital alert and commanding. He immediately showed that he was a take-charge kind of dog. He ruled the roost. His dominance made it evident from the very first moment that he was going to have everything his aggressive way.

The name "King" was the most obvious name for this young master.

When he came to campus Dr Ellen Jermini was living in the Hermitage. She instantly claimed the young monarch and set him up in her royal setting with his own bed and special features to delight the young scion.

A gala party was held that night to honor the new heir apparent as he took on the role of authority at the University of Healing and especially in Ellen’s life.

It took only a few days for Ellen to realize she had given herself a very delicate relationship. Her liaison with the young King was as his servant—and not always in a loving gesture. Ellen decided this had to be nipped in the bud but fast.

After discussing the dilemma it was decided to change the name of the new family member more in keeping with what we would like to experience by his presence with us.

I asked the question, "What would be a most significant name, which would reveal the attitude Ellen wanted from her new son?" The name shouted out immediately, the dog is little and the dog is pure love. Though love was not an appearance, now it was our privilege to establish our own development. So "Little Love" it was and Little Love it has been for his nine beautiful harmonious years as the campus lover.

A name truly makes a difference

 —Dr Herbert L Beierle