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Autumn 2010

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Dr Beierle is best man as Daniele and Glenda join hands in marriage July 10th, 2010. Daniele is a student of the UNI and also its webmaster.

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I Want Perfection

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Serendipity - Autumn 2010 Issue

I Want Perfection

I OFTEN WONDER WHY some companies are so unrighteously successful. I say unrighteously be-cause by this I mean that it seems so simple, it could be anything anyone could follow.

I am an aficionado of Apple-Macintosh and its products: MacBook, Mac-Book Pro, MacBookAir, Mini Mac, iMac, iPhones, iPods, iPad and their entire ilk. I have them all and so does most of the UNI staff. I love them all and use them regularly.

Besides being amazing devices, I love their clean lines, their proprietary —programs and construction—allowing Apple to make any changes beneficial to itself and its customers. First to themselves since it falls within the purview of their selfcreated program of and for each device—and then fulfilling the desires of the consumer to the highest degree.

Each device is a work of art.

The inner machination of each device is poetry in motion.

The founder and dreamer Steve Jobs almost lost his way and the company almost ended for lack of his creative leadership. But he found his way home to Apple because Jobs stood up for principle and would not allow himself to be associated with his firm that ousted him unless he had total control of all areas of Macintosh. Then with his steady demands for creative perfection he brought to the market one professional winner after another, one financial winner after another, and one beautiful work of art after another.

In its early years Jobs and his baby floundered, but nonetheless he always set a goal of the highest caliber for himself and his multiple brainchildren.

True there are many other organizations and devices that could thrill and delight me, but Apple is the one that is elegant and competent. Others have sought to have their computers and other devices to be pleasing to the eye and proficient, all the others fell short in the little nitpicking aspects that make up Apple’s magnificence beyond measure. Jobs attention to detail is as the work of an outstanding genius artist seeking to create his finest work.

Around the world aficionados are attracted to the work of Genius Jobs. These are by the millions and quite likely given time for sales, by the billions. True, many other devices will do the work of Apple, but none will make the user so gloriously significant as those who create and work on an Apple product.

Great art demands a great price. Apple, on the other hand, while being great, demands a reasonable price and people "line up" around the world seeking to buy these devices the instant they become available—without testing them —because they know that the reputation of Steve Jobs and of Apple are unparalleled and backed in every area should the need arise for standing behind their product.

To me this is an example of living in a world of quality. Living in a world of dreams come true. Living in a world of imagination that wraps its elegant self in the perfection of its ideal self.

Annually I travel around the world giving lectures on positive philosophical thinking representing the University of Healing. I am gone for months at a time.

I seek to travel light but my Email must go through and my Internet lectures must go out every day with: Thought For Today, Instant Illumination, Absolute Philosopher, Meditation, Mr Candle, Bible Stories and Dial Healing Words.

To record my seminars I use my tiny Olympus WS500M digital recorder that holds 270 hours of my lectures. I take my Canon PowerShot DF 1000 Digital camera for audiovideo pictures. Everywhere I go I carry my Apples with me, my computer MacBookAir, my iPhone3S with its camera, my iPod, my iPad and whatever else the occasion calls for me to have in my backpack. Whether I am in the jungles of Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Togo, Egypt, the islands of the Philippines or Australia, Taiwan, in Russia, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, France, Greece, England, Mexico, South America, Guyana and many more places, my devices come with me in my backpack.

It could seem that all these gadgets might be overkill and demand their own personal attention, but the opposite is true. In a container no larger than my backpack I have my recording studio, my photographic studio, my desktop publishing studio, and my Internet connection to the world and the campus of the University of Healing.

Steve Jobs—aka Apple—has designed my office on the road: my photo studio en-transit, my sound engineering program wherever I am and my desktop publishing system in my backpack.

Just to think about this is exciting and rewarding.

I love perfection. I believe Apple has come as close to mechanical perfection as anyone can. What the future brings is to be seen, but for now I am so pleased with Steve Jobs. He is truly an artist in his craft. His example delights my soul and inspires all that I do!

 —Dr Herbert L Beierle