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Autumn 2010

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Dr Beierle is best man as Daniele and Glenda join hands in marriage July 10th, 2010. Daniele is a student of the UNI and also its webmaster.

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Practitioner Letter
It Has Been Said Before

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Practitioner Letter - Autumn 2010 Issue

It Has Been Said Before

WWHAT DO I talk about in the presence of a proud dad of three? What a redundant question—about his kids naturally! This is what Brian, our handyman and I did while we drove to the gasoline station to fill up our reserve barrel of gasoline.

"Are your kids sorry that the summer is over and school starts again?"

"No, they love school and they look forward to it!" A big smile lightens up his face, "I am especially proud of my second, Jacob. He used to be such a daddy’s boy that I had to stay outside of the school until class began. Now I can drop him off and he eagerly runs to his classroom, waiving a happy and carefree goodbye!"

"Wow, they surely are surrounded by harmonious school friends if school has no threatening aspects to them."

"Yes," Brian says thoughtfully, "It is amazing and a relief that they are never troubled by peer pressure or bullying. It used to be different when I was a kid. There was a lot of bullying going on." He grinned while recounting his experience, "I was one of the tough guys, and I always defended the ones that were targeted by bullies." He laughs, "I had a lot of ‘peculiar’ friends, according to the ones that bullied them, as they all wanted to be my friend because I cared for them."

I look over to Brian and can just imagine the "tough" guy he was, seeing his muscular shoulders and arms. I am curious though and cannot help but asking the question, "Brian, do you know why you helped the ones that were threatened by their schoolmates?"

He does not have to think long and spontaneously replies, "I always felt that if it would happen to me, I would be very thankful if somebody would care enough to stand up for me too."

Wow, my respect for Brian just skyrockets! What awareness—and I remember—it has been said before, do unto others as you would have them do unto you!

Brian is not a person versed in Bible verses, but he has his inner values and they do determine his life and encourage him to do what he believes is right.

I am inspired to do what I consider right—not because I expect "others" to do the same to me—I do it because it is the right thing to do. Period. No strings attached, no expectations of return! Smile.

—Dr Sylvia M Enz