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Autumn 2011

GIST Magazine
Santa Catalina Island shouts across the sea to Ellen Jermini, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! On the voyage shown here are Ellen Jermini and Sylvia M Enz.

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God's Pocket
On Looking Young, Vital and Alive

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I Am A Fun Creator

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God's Pocket - Autumn 2011 Issue

On Looking Young, Vital and Alive

EllenI have the privilege of being dynamic vital and alive if I choose.

True, it seems that I do not have this privilege and I look at others who are not experiencing their eternal youth and struggle from day to day. It seems that there is nothing they can do to experience better health and a more robust existence—but there is!

I have 24 hours every day and I all have the privilege of living these 24 hours every day however I desire.

I have the opportunity to be with many people old and young. I have the opportunity to be with many people who think they are old and who think they are young. It seems easy for those whose age is young to be young and for those whose age is old to be old.

I have learned that any rule that has an exception is not a rule.

All I have to do is look about me and see exceptions to these rules.

Today there are more people dynamic vital alive and young while closing in on one hundred than ever before. They are active people who love life. They are people engaged in doing things, which excite the mind, vitalize the body and illumine the spirit. Many of our presidents and politicians are often 80 and 90 and more, and are exceedingly active because they are involved in living.

People who live constructive lives are ones who daily say to themselves:

I like me!
I am vital dynamic alive!
I like taking long meaningful walks!
I treat myself as a person enthusiastic about life!

As I play active games, mind games, my mind is involved with living. I do things for myself and avoid asking others to do things for me. I am alive. I am excited about being alive.

 —Dr Herbert L Beierle