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Autumn 2011

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Santa Catalina Island shouts across the sea to Ellen Jermini, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! On the voyage shown here are Ellen Jermini and Sylvia M Enz.

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Practitioner Letter - Autumn 2011 Issue


While the power window of my car is being repaired, the owner of the shop comes over and starts talking about his business adventures that had taken him to many interesting parts of the world. He then casually mentions that the world is not the same integrity as when his parents and grandparents lived. "Virtues and values seem to fall apart today," he said with sadness. I looked at him and asked, could this be a matter of perspective—of buying into appearances that seem overwhelming in our society. "How do you mean that," he asks with curiosity. See, we live in a time where the media is very powerful—and almost omnipresent in everybody’s life through television, cell phones, magazines and newspapers. Since they want to sell their stories, they concentrate on the unhappiness of this world—because that’s what sells apparently. Just imagine the world as a big canvas, the unhappiness of this world would fit in one small corner of the screen—the majority represents a world where people live a good life with values and integrity. It is just a matter from which perspective we look at the world, I conclude.

"That makes sense," admits my dry cut businessman. "If I think of all the good people I know and have met in the course of my life, of all the miracles that happen everywhere in the world, I must admit it is a good world."

I leave the store with an uplifting feeling, ready to face a world reflecting this sense of goodness in my heart—and I see them, the little miracles of life that make up the world. From the mother, carrying a few week old baby and its 7 and 8 year old sisters, who every few seconds take a break from their giggling business to quickly go over to the baby, caressing his back with ever so much tenderness, before returning to their giggly playfulness.

In front of one store I see two 7 month old puppies, laying on the ground obediently waiting for their owner, their friendly faces happily looking at the people passing by. For a while I watch the people, young and old, bending down, or sitting down next to the puppies, caressing them and telling them how delightful they are. It is a ceremony of pure joy as is the experience with a middle aged serious business man in another store who tenderly and adoringly takes care of a stray 2 and a 1/2 month old kitten.

Which perspective of life do I choose to empower? It is my choice, because principle does not care if I endorse the unhappiness or the goodness of the world, but to whatever I, we, give power, individually and collectively, that is what I, we, experience.

—Dr Sylvia M Enz